February 13, 2012

you know those nights when you are just dying to hear their voice,
so you sit up all evening hoping they want to hear yours too?
you hope that they will offer to call you, just to see how your day has been?
but, alas, he was busy elsewhere. *sigh* 

anyways, tomorrow is valentines day and i can't decide how excited i am yet.
i got a package from my mom for valentines, that was sweet.
i am secretly hoping that someone has something planned for me.
even if it's as simple as a phone call at midnight they know i wont answer,
so they leave me a voicemail stating that it is valentines day,
and asking if i would be there valentine.... 
but i think, only girls would come up with something like that.
or, perhaps just i would. 
hahaha i am so cheesy.
i would do that, but i already have something sneaky planned.
i hope tomorrow ends up okay, i don't wanna go back to being
another one of those people who resents valentines day.
i guess we will have to see.
goodnight everyone.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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