March 22, 2012

alright, normally i wouldn't talk about something like this, but i just can not resist. especially now that i have a group of people involved. i just want to talk about the latest problem our generation is facing. now, it has nothing to do with money, or deficits, abortion, gay marriage, or which superstar slept with who (although all of these seem to be facing our generation,, we are such a troubled people) no, this has to do with something entirely different. this is about the social media. now i know this is quite ridiculous considering i am BLOGGING about this, therefore using my own argument against me, but maybe that's the point? anyways, so it all started when i noticed at practice one day that every girl walking in their morning was on their phones. and i start thinking to myself, "how is it possible that they all have someone to talk to at 5:30 in the morning?" that seemed quite impossible to me. come to find out they were all tweeting... and not just tweeting..... they were tweeting each other! say what?! we are all sitting in the same room together and nobody is saying a word, they are simply communicating via twitter. i about died! and also, i just love it when people post their poor pathetic lives onto facebook. i LOVE signing on to find status updates on how awful their boyfriend was to them or "how great that party was last night!" bahahaha come on people, let's get real. if you are insecure enough that you have to overcompensate by posting your life on the social media, then you need to reevaluate yourself. hahaha 
the other night when i was waiting outside my bishop's office waiting to get my reccomend interview, i chatted with chris and tyler. we went on this rant that lasted for about an hour on this subject. we were all laughing so hard.
"hey, tweet that!"
"i will post that shiz right onto facebook."
"tumblr will explode when they get a load of this!"
banter like this, back and forth. i am almost completely sure we didn't forget anything. it was hilarious. although, as funny as this is, there is seriously truth to what we were saying, and we knew it! that is what made it all the more hilarious. social media is sucking up the life of people everywhere, slowly but surely. it's amazing how much you can learn about a person just by looking through their facebook, tumblr, or twitter. it makes me freakin "LOL". you catch my drift? not that i don't spend my own fair amount of time on these sites, but some people are completely socially mediated. something must be done, or we will all become walking facebook pages with the inability to communicate. right? right. ahahaha now, i am going to hashtag this bad boy,
goodnight everyone!

-shine on,
glitter girl.


Cameron said...
Read the article at this site, and don't judge me about where this article is found once you get there

Court said...

you're going to be an incredible journalist. i love you.

tazzzz said...

Caitlin You are the greatest ever!!

truebluedude said...

I'm so ashamed of myself... :(