March 26, 2012

caitlin elizabeth thomas is one of the most beautiful people inside and out. i wouldn't trade a single memory with her for anything in the world. she is so sincere and so caring. i know i can come to her with anything. she's incredibly trustworthy. not only is she pretty, but she is smart: both intelligent as well as street smart. i mean, who takes 21 credits, has a life, looks amazing 24/7 and ison a college drill team? no one. this girl is my hero: pure inspiration. caitlin has changed me for the better. i am so blessed to be able to call her one of my best friends. she makes me laugh, brings me up when i'm down, is an amazing example and so much more. i love you babygirl. thank you for who you are. thanks for your example and testimony. you're truly the greatest! 

sometimes all i need is a little reminder that i have great friends that care, and the whole world feels so much better for a moment. even if it is just a small one. so i did find at least some good that came out of today,, being reminded that i have a friend out there who still cares enough to remind me what i mean to them. thank you courtney boss. you are truly an amazing friend. sorry i didn't call you back, i was working on a big paper and trying to unplug from reality for awhile. but i will call you soon okay? probably tomorrow. (: thanks again. it meant the world to me today, literally.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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