March 14, 2012

the heart. the heart can be such a fickle thing. one minute you are jumping for joy for your own accomplishments, and the next you are drowning beneath your own insecurities. one moment, you are so in love with somebody and cannot accept life without them. then, without any warning, you are angry, or hurt, or upset with regards to them. why must this be? there are so many cracks and scratches on the surface, and there are some scars that go deeper than the others. ones that can only be found beneath the surface. my heart is a sum of all of my life experiences thus far in my life. is that what makes it so prone to change? the heart is constantly pumping and breathing; sustaining life. perhaps it can never be the same, because you can never feel the exact same heartbeat twice. yet, i do believe that my own heart knows me better than i, and so when it finally decides to be set on something or someone so hard and it will not let me change my focus, i listen to that. if even something so changeable can set to something then their must be wisdom behind that. so for today, and for many other days to come, i have decided to listen. listen to what my heart is telling me. listen to what it wants, and follow that. sounds completely cliche right? follow your heart. oh well, my heart knows me. it knows my past and it can feel the pulse waiting for me in my future. how can i possibly say no to that?

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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