March 21, 2012

so, today my good friend chris opened up his mission call. it came in the mail back at his house in lehi, and his family drove all the way down here so he could open it around his friends. we all gathered at his apartment at 7 o' clock in anticipation for the big news. his family was late, and so everyone was just dying. finally they came and i almost couldn't contain my excitement for him, this was such a great thing that he was about to embark on. he read the call out loud to us all and informed us that he had been called to labor in the mccallam, texas mission, spanish speaking. isn't that so great? oh man, the smile on his face was priceless. i couldn't wish any more happiness on him if i tried. he will be such a great missionary. chris is so easy to talk to and confide in, so the people of texas will take to him so easily. i know that i have. he has been a great friend to me these past two years, more so since we have been at school together. it was nice to have a familiar face to go to sometimes. what a great and worthy guy chris truly is, and i can't wait to watch him embark on his adventures in texas. 
you know, all of this missionary stuff gets me thinking about tanner. (i know, shocking right?) but this is different. he turned in his papers this past tuesday, i am writing my other friends, and now chris just got his call. it makes the selfishness in me hurt just a little bit. especially where tanner is concerned because, well because i love him so much. and letting him go will be the hardest thing i feel like i will ever do emotionally up to this point. at the same time though, i know that letting him go is the greatest decision both he and i will make. these missionaries give up two years of their lives to preach salvation to those all over the world who need to hear it. what greater calling could they serve? so, as hard as it will be to let him go for two years, my better parts are pulsing with excitement. i am excited to let him live his dream. i am excited to watch him grow. i am excited to learn more about who i am. i am excited to find out where he is going. i am excited to get letters. i am excited to discover just exactly what he and the Lord are capable of when they work hand in hand. i am excited for all of those people that he will convert and bless. in fact, i am excited for all of "my boys". the ones who have left, and the ones who still will. i am so blessed to have been given such great guys in my life. they are so unselfish and they love the lord so much. i am so grateful for them, and wish them all the luck in the world over the course of the next two years. 

-shine on,
glitter girl.


truebluedude said...

Can i just say that this is my favorite post by you so far? :) Tanner will be fantastic, and we'll all come back and tell really cheesy missionary stories!

tazzzz said...

OH my goodness, i think i just might tweet this, but i'll wait till 5 in the morning!

glitter girl. said...

hahahahaha i love my new fans (:

truebluedude said...

New fans? I've been following you forever!!!!