March 29, 2012

sometimes i get in this mood where all i want to do travel. i want to be somewhere new and extraordinary. somewhere with new people, new faces, and new lives. i want to travel across maps, and find new things about the world that are so hard to find while here in utah. sometimes, i get really antsy about my life, and just wish i could travel to a lost island, somewhere far away, all alone for just a small time. a place where i can breathe, think, and discover. unfortunately though, life makes doing things like that really hard. but i do have a dream of traveling the world someday. and i hope that i can follow this one through.
keep dreaming readers. there is nothing more extraordinary than one who has the imagination to keep on dreaming. 
and there is nothing more courageous than one who has the strength to follow them.

-shine on,
glitter girl.


Court said...

come to guam with me in the spring! (:

glitter girl. said...

bahahaha yeah right (: let me just pull a million dollars out of my pocket (: