March 12, 2012

well my friends, now that spring break is over and i am back into the serious stress of college, i am feeling a lot of things. first, i already miss my beautiful family. i had so much fun spending good time with them. along with them, i also miss some friends. well actually, two friends. since they are the only ones i saw over the break. dezmon dean took me to a party with him one night and i had a blast. i miss his company. what a great friend he has always been. and of course, i miss tanner scott eastmond. i love that kid. truly. and this past week we have proved to each other and to the Lord that we care more about the other, than we do about ourselves. i miss him when he is not around. i can't wait to see him in two more weeks. :)
also, i am feeling stressed about school (normal though, right?), anxious about my pageant, but also happy. today has been a good day. i did something that would technically be considered illegal if you really thought about it, and the signs all around me did say, "violators will be prosecuted." disregarding all of that though, we did it anyways. james and matt truly are two dare devils. i started getting panicked when i realized that we were on the verge of being caught. i just can't deal with court or prison time right now. i don't think that the pageant judges or the Snow scholarship committee would find that very amusing. but alas, we got out of the tunnels and into the sun where we casually walked away and shoved our red hands into our pockets. it was actually quite exciting. then we got ice cream and watched a movie. it was fun. which is odd because i do not normally have "fun". but now it is my bedtime and i haven't even started on my homework.... poop. i guess it is my own fault. (sigh) wish me luck tonight as i try to concentrate and NOT fall asleep.
keep dreaming kids.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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