April 10, 2012

a day without shoes.
april 10, 2012.

for every person that signs the pledge and goes an entire day without shoes, TOMS will send a free pair of shoes to a child in need. this they promise to do in an attempt to help those who need it, and to raise awareness of this cause.

if you have never stood for something, or raised awareness for a cause, then you should. no matter how silly or insignificant you might feel, you can make a difference. you never know how powerful your actions can be. and it is also so much fun to do something that brings your group together for the same cause. also, you just might get a new t shirt out of it. now if that does not sell you on it, then i do not know what will.

-shine on,
glitter girl.


tazzzz said...

YAY!! I finally made it onto your blog!! (:

Anonymous said...

Missing your posts girl...it's been a week...you alive?(: