April 2, 2012

i love the feeling when i can log on and feel like i have so many great things to blog about. so first off, i need to congratulate my little sister hannah. she made the drill team! she is now an official pionette. needless to say she deserves it, and i do not care what other girls say about her, she worked her tail off and is a beautiful dancer. she earned her right to be on that team. i am so proud of how hard she has worked for this. she has truly amazed me with her work ethic, and how quickly she can learn things. she catches on so fast, and never stops trying. she was so excited and gave it her all, and it paid off because her name was posted among the others who were chosen. i have never seen someone so happy in my entire life. and that's wonderful to me because she has gone through so much turmoil and hardship, especially in the friends department, that it was nice to see her get something she wanted so badly. here's to you little sister, and to the next three years of your life being devoted to drill team. 

my next item of business. tanner gets his mission call on wednesday. (hopefully) the anticipation is killing me. i seriously doubt that i will make it all the way to wednesday. i am no patience, and now it is starting to wear even more thin. i can not wait to see the look on his face when he finds out where he has been called to. i can not wait to watch him light up when he reads the words, "Elder Eastmond...". i can not wait to discover where he will spend the next two years of his life serving. i can not wait to see what language he has to learn, or when exactly i can expect him to be gone. not that i want him to leave me, but i want him to be happy more than anything else. and i know that his mission will make him the happiest that he could possibly be right now. plus, a man that is willing and excited to donate two years of his life to the Lord, is super attractive. (; i am just really excited for him to finally start down this path. it has been a really long and brutal waiting process, but i know that he has to wait for a reason because there is only one place in the entire world that the Lord needs him to go. and i can not wait to find out where that is. 
i will admit though, it has made me antsy. and also a bit emotional. while i am completely ecstatic for him, i am also a little bit sad to watch him go. it is really a very complicated feeling. i wish i could explain it better. but it is starting to hit me that soon, he will be gone. and that my time with him may or may not be coming to a close. although at the moment i am determined to wait for him. hopefully that doesn't change. (: he truly is an amazing person, and i hope to be more like him someday. and while he is gone, maybe i can become someone that is a lot more worthy of hims time, talents, and love. but one can never predict the future. i am anxious to see what lies ahead for me and tanner scott eastmond. 

and finally, my last great news of the day...... some guy told me i was pretty today. well shucks, that was sure nice of him. haha how did he know i needed to hear that today? what a nice guy. (:
live for those happy and joyous moments in your life. don't let them pass by unnoticed. do not let them slip through the cracks. pray for happiness and it will come. love your family and your friends, and never let them forget that you do. just smile today, and let the small things go. it is amazing what will happen if you do!

-shine on,
glitter girl.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you for this blog and for your often inspiring posts.

I find it very difficult to smile sometimes. Life pulls at our patience this way, I think. For me it seems as if it is tugging constantly. You are very brave, and I hope you realize that. It takes courage to discover ways to be happy and to shine. I hope you can see your own radiance. You should know that it is making a difference.

Today you have shed a little bit of light on my life and given me a reason to smile, even if it was just for a little while. So thank you.

Shine on, glitter girl.

tazzzz said...

This gave me CHILLS!!!!
I am so glad to call you one of my friends! You are awesome!!
Don't let anyone or anything tell you otherwise!! LOVED this post!!!

glitter girl. said...

i love my readers! (:

Knapp Time said...

Hi cute girl, this is April your neighbor. I followed your blog from facebook and have to say I ended up reading several of your post. You are adorable and have an excellent way with words. I love this post where you talk about Hannah. She is one of the most amazing young women I have ever seen and it breaks my heart that people would say or do anything that would make her feel like anything less than the amazing girl that she is. "People throw rocks at things that shine."
The other reason I could help but comment on this post is because I was brought back ten years ago when I was feeling those same feelings about my missionary leaving. Even though after his mission there were times when I didn't think we would end up together I still cherised the memories I had of his mission. I felt close to the people he taught as each week he would write to me about them and ask me to pray for them. I have no doubt that you will be an excellent support to Tanner and in return grow from both of your desire for him to teach the gospel regardless of what happens afterwards. The joy is in the journey and not the destination. :) Now that I have written a book... ha ha sorry. Love you girl, you are a shining star in a dark world. Keep sharing your radiant light.