April 3, 2012

so today, i must write about a more sad subject. i wonder if i may shed a little bit of light on this situation. i hope that i do not offend them by writing this. but this could help a lot of people.
a friend of mine admitted to me today that they are struggling to find happiness in this world. things seem dark and foggy, and hope is quickly fading. i know this sounds totally cliche and dramatic to some, but to me it was a serious matter. there was no joking in their tone. things like this are a problem throughout the world today. there are many people who feel in ways similar to this. do not worry my friend, i am here to tell you that there is hope. you are loved by many, and there are plenty of individuals out there who wish you to understand your worth and great potential. this goes for everybody reading. i believe that every single person in this world has light inside of them. this is a very individual thing. not one person's light looks the same. not any ones mission is the same as another's. although we are down on this earth to learn, grow, and become more like our savior, we also have individual missions that we have been called to do. for a very long time i struggled with that belief. how could i possibly have something special to do? there are so many people in this world, how can i be special at all? i am here to tell all you today, that you are special. there are things about you that nobody else has. there are people you  have to touch, that nobody else could do quite the way you could. so for those who are having a hard time seeing the light inside of themselves, or in the world, i want them to trust life a little bit. i know it is scary to venture out like that, especially when you feel this way, but i promise you have the potential to feel so much better! you are you, and nobody else can do that.
if i issue a challenge out to all of you it would be to have you tell yourself three positive things about yourself every morning. when you wake up, before you even get out of bed, tell yourself three things about yourself that are good. then hold onto those and strive to see those things within yourself as you go about your day.
smile more. meet a new friend. say hello to a stranger. you never know just what you might do for someone else. 
you are special. you are unique. you have light. never forget that. because if you can remember that, suddenly you can be filled with hope. and the light inside of you can once again begin to reach out to those around you.

-shine on,
glitter girl.


truebluedude said...

Caitlin, i love you, you always have something uplifting to say :)

glitter girl. said...

that's my job (:

tazzzz said...

This speaks to me on so many levels!! You always are SOO inspiring!!
Shine on!!! (: