April 3, 2012

Thank you. Thank you for this blog and for your often inspiring posts. 

I find it very difficult to smile sometimes. Life pulls at our patience this way, I think. For me it seems as if it is tugging constantly. You are very brave, and I hope you realize that. It takes courage to discover ways to be happy and to shine. I hope you can see your own radiance. You should know that it is making a difference.

Today you have shed a little bit of light on my life and given me a reason to smile, even if it was just for a little while. So thank you.

Shine on, glitter girl.

i like to write back to my readers sometimes and let them know how much i appreciate their kindness. simple words like these can really change the world. to this anonymous reader, remember there is always hope on days that feel bleak. everyone has a little bit of light to shine in this world, and i promise that you do too. just keep smiling, keep your head up, and keep reading. (: i care about you reader, and i will always be here with an anonymous commenting box if you ever need help.

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Anonymous said...

anonymous commenting is really powerful because it gives people the power to comment without any previous judgment (; thanks for sharing all your thoughts, you really are amazing.