April 5, 2012

wow. i can't even begin to explain how i feel. and my words will never do this amazing moment justice. i just do not have a vocabulary big enough to describe the greatness of the occasion. here's what happened for those of you who are behind, tanner got his mission call. for anyone who doesn't know who tanner is, well, he is my best friend. he is someone who means the world to me. so, if you are just tuning in, i talk about him alot. sorry(: anyways, i love this kid to heaven and back right? well, yesterday his had his big day. he opened up his mission call. there has been alot of anticipation and anxiousness that has gone into this day. for him, for me, for his family, for his friends, and for everyone that cares about him. i could tell before he opened it that he seemed a little apprehensive, and maybe even a little afraid. i couldn't blame him, not one bit. i, myself was a wreck on the inside. i couldn't stop shaking, and my stomach felt like it was going to fall out of my butt. i couldn't keep my eyes off of him the entire night. just looking at how excited he was made me feel for him even more. i love a man who is willing to serve...(sigh) anyways, once he opened it every person in the room was completely taken aback. the Belgium/Netherlands mission speaking Dutch?! not one single person guessed right. i honestly had NO idea. but right after the words came out of his mouth, i had this feeling come over that that was exactly where he needed to be. he will be the most wonderful, hardworking, faithful missionary that country has ever seen. i am so proud of him for the sacrifice he has made and for the great example that he is. and not just to me, but to everyone that he comes into contact with. what an amazing guy he is. i am so excited for him and even more excited to share this great experience with him, in my own way.

today, we should all smile for our missionaries out there. we should be so happy that there are boys and girls out there who are willing to sacrifice two whole years of their life, and not just that, but basically the last two years of their childhood, and give it to the Lord. they do this out of complete selflessness and faith. oh how i love missionaries. if you know any, or happen to come across any this week, make sure to say hello. smile and tell them what a great work they are doing. because without them, our world would be a much darker place. and this gospel would not be nearly as strong. the blessings that these girls and boys deliver are irreplaceable, and will be eternally important. thank you missionaries. thank you to all of my friends, and my family members who are so devoted to the cause and continue in the work today. thank you to tanner for always being there for me, and for being so willing and excited to serve his mission. i do not know what my life would be like without you.
goed geluck mijn vriend.
ik houd van u. 
-shine on,
glitter girl.

isn't he the cutest missionary ever?


Cameron said...

congrats to tanner,
mine is just sitting on my counter at home waiting to be opened

Pyrrho said...

1) why haven't you opened it yet?
2) is your mom having fits because it hasn't been opened?
3) when are you opening it?

andy brienne said...

aaah. I miss watching my boys open mission calls. :) Now they're all going to start coming home. This is exciting for you! So much fun.

glitter girl. said...

i know i am kind of jealous that yours are now coming home hahaha