April 9, 2012

wow. can i just say, i have SO much to write about tonight. while i should be doing my homework, instead i am going to write on here. this is needed for me. you see, i have so much gratitude i need to express, but it is also helping to suppress my nagging annoyance i have towards some people. (sigh) maybe someday i won't be such a jealous freak.

anyways, enough with the dramatic stuff. i have to have to HAVE TO tell everyone about my past few days. recently i have been bombarded with feelings of sadness and loneliness. i'm not really sure what the reason might be. which is what makes it all the more frustrating to handle. anyways, so i was feeling this way and i posted about it on here a little bit, and made a small comment about it on FB. that is very much out of character for me, because usually i try and NOT post my personal life on the internet. but alas, i did anyways. and what an odd blessing that turned out to be. i have had some people leave me the nicest comments on here. i have heard words from people that have touched more than they may ever know. then, on top of that, i had two amazing facebook messages left for me today. one was from a very old friend. one that i had not heard from in years. i think the last time i remember really talking to him was when i was 13. but, he was so kind and so willing to extend a hand of friendship. what would make him think of me on this particular day? what would incline him to go to my profile, someone he hasn't spoken to in years? the second message was from a girl i knew in high school, but never really spoke to. she was a very clever girl who was always very kind. she could make anyone smile at any given moment. we weren't ever close though, for that is how high school sometimes goes right? anyways, she also extended a hand of friendship to me. i could not believe the kind words that she had to say. i mean, what kind of impression could i have possibly left on her?! i never reached out to her, or tried to get to know her on a more personal level. why do i deserve to have these strangers, these kind strangers, talk to me? i don't, and i know that. nevertheless, god watches out for every single one of us, and knows exactly what we each need. i needed that. i needed those two people to reach out and tell me that there are always people around that are willing to listen. i needed that reminder. it truly amazes me how inspired people can be. i want to thank them for being so kind. even though they might feel like what they did was small and insignificant, it truly meant the world. i haven't felt touched like this in a really long time. what a great blessing these people are. what a great blessing all of my friends are. i feel  like lately i have taken everyone in my life for granted. i have forgotten how much i have, and how many people i am truly blessed with in my life. friends and family alike. i want to thank these two people for reminding me of that.

what i want to leave you with today is that i never want you to forget how important your actions are. you can either negatively impact somebody, or you can do it positively. you have a choice. i want to let you know that by being kind to someone, you could change their entire world. it doesn't take much, and you don't necessarily have to go to the ends of the earth to help someone. you just have to give a little bit. smile at a stranger. leave a kind message to someone in need. reach out to a long lost friend. don't be afraid of what they will think of you in the end. just be sure to always leave people better than how you found them.

-shine on,
glitter girl.


G wiz said...

It's been interesting reading your blog over the last while. Thinking back to when I was your age, I could seriously just cut and paste most of the things you've written and felt to describe my own existence. You truly are not alone. In moments of weakness, exasperation, frustration, doubt, despair, and abject humility; you are not alone in experiencing these things. The beauty of this life is that in experiencing, understanding, empathizing with others, and overcoming; we find true joy and the Light that leads us to eternal paths of splendor. We will not always be trudging through the muds of Iowa, for we have been promised a mountain vista and cool waters. Keep your chin up and eyes on the horizon. As long as Christ lives there is always hope.

andy brienne said...

I'm obviously creeping a ton, ha. But that's fine. I read about 1305987 blogs, and I think yours might be my favorite. Thanks for being genuine, missy, and for being interesting. I atta be kicking myself for not getting to know you better. Love this. Muah.

glitter girl. said...

thank you, both of you. (:

all of those great words mean so much. you have no idea!

thanks G wiz, those words are so inspirational!

Andy, i know. i think we would have been great friends. i guess it is never too late right? (: