May 12, 2012

mr. dahl has a point you know. it amazes me how many amazing small miracles happen every single day. sometimes, if you're not looking, they will fly right on by. these small things don't asked to be noticed or celebrated, they are simply there to help our lives to keep spinning on in peace. sometimes it can be someone who smiles at you when you are having a bad day, other times it can be meeting up with a man that your very own sister converted to the gospel just a few months back as she is serving a mission. either way, the amount of greatness that those things hold cannot be measured. they are so perfectly small that sometimes, if you are not looking, you will miss them. and how can life be celebrated without reasons to celebrate it? i have started to notice more these tiny miracles that happen everyday, when before i must have been taking them for granted. counting these small experiences and trying to reflect back on them at the end of the day really helps me to keep my life in perspective. you see, i have this strange problem where sometimes i lose sight of what matters and get caught up in the ridiculous details. this makes me stressed, and very strangely upset. sometimes i have to vent and talk about everything i am feeling, other times i just want to be left alone and silent. i can't describe when either one happens, or if one is better than the other. what i can tell you though, is that these things are not always important. keep things in perspective. count the little things. remember that they matter. remember to tell those you care about, that you love them. don't waste time. just don't do it.  it really isn't worth it, i promise. 
count your many blessings. 
happy mothers day.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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