July 31, 2012

here i am, at 10:30 at night sitting in an apartment room all to myself in ephraim, sore as a dog, and pondering on my life. since i have no one to talk to about my thoughts, perhaps i might share them with you reader. my thoughts take me to one place tonight and one only, and that is the destination of judgement. how easily we pass it on others, while always wishing that nobody do it unto us. what kind of twisted mind set is that? i guess though, life is for learning. i will admit that i have made my share of judgments on strangers, i have also spent many nights upset and shedding tears over the judgments passed onto me. what a wicked chain we create. but, this is something i am trying to stop. there is no need for it, or room for it in this world. let's make life a little bit easier on everyone and try to stay as non-judgmental as possible. now i know we will always struggle not to judge another, but there is something to said about someone who is always trying to see the beautiful in people. i want to be that kind of person. i want to be able to see the beautiful in myself, and use that ability to see the beautiful in others. and then let them know what it is that i see. let them know how beautiful they are. because this world is a lovely place surrounded with lovely people. i want those people to know they are lovely, so that they in turn can know that they are lovely. then they can turn right around and show someone else all of their lovely qualities. how does that sound? readers, you in? let's try this. together.

"every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future."

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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