August 27, 2012

dearest readers, there is a topic of discussion that i must address today. and that, is the topic of courage. maybe it's because of the book i am currently enveloped in, or perhaps it is because of the people in my life, but the idea of courage has weighed heavily on my mind lately. particularly the question of, what is courage? some might say that it is what you feel inside whilst conquering a fear. it could also be the source of strength that keeps one going during times of trial. one may never know exactly what courage is. websters dictionary defines courage as "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty."  now, although i use webster for many things, i am not so sure that even a dictionary can define courage. i have many examples of courage surrounding me, and i recognize their selfless acts everyday. i have my best friend out serving a mission in chicago. i can't imagine the courage it takes to give up yourself completely for any amount of time, all in the name of serving others. on the other hand, i have a friend that has recently become close to me that has endured a years worth of difficulties, and still manages to find things to smile about everyday. i would say that takes courage. it's much easier to shrink from the world when it has dealt you a bad hand. it takes courage to stand up to the world and remind it that it will not defeat you. that makes her brave. and yet again, i am fascinated by my friends in moments like today when someone who i am particularly close to makes a hard decision. when presented with the option of taking what he wanted now versus what he knows is best for his future, and then taking the road less traveled and choosing the future, that is courage. it is nerve racking to let go of something you love so dearly, and face the possibility of  letting others down, that my friends is not easy. but with unyielding faith he chose to put his future into the hands of someone much greater than us. that is courage. 

to me, courage is not so much an emotion that is felt and then applied, but rather, a way of life. there are those who are courageous everyday. and to them, i tip my hat. choosing to be sober over giving into yourself is courageous. being kind to those who have wronged you, that makes you strong. smiling at the world everyday when the world tells you to be sad, that is bravery. it's these simple and small acts that people do everyday that show courage. it is in these moments that we all must relish and appreciate those in our lives who have that strength, and that courage. i myself struggle with being courgeous day in and day out. it is with the examples i have been blessed with that i truly understand the definition of what being courageous really is. in my eyes, there is something we all do everyday that makes us brave. everybody has their share of trials, and just by merely waking up and facing them day in and day out shows bravery. you don't have to save a kingdom or stop a dark wizard to prove you are a hero. remember that readers. remember how brave you are. remember the courage that you show. remember that there is always somebody watching you, and drawing upon your strength. be proud of who you are and what you bring to this world. don't be afraid of that strong person that is in you. i thank you all tonight for your strength. it helps me everyday. i learn from it, and grow from it. and i know i am not the only one. remember that as you go throughout your day. be strong, and don't forget to keep sparkling.

shine on,
glitter girl.

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