August 20, 2012

it's funny, you know. how happy you can be. here i am, back in ephraim, happy as can be. 

there are still things i will miss back home, people specifically. my family, friends, and then of course, someone who seems to be a very special friend. oh how i miss him already. 

but all in all, i am ready. i am set. and i want to move forward. this new year brings on alot of change for me. many things have changed in my life recently, and i am ready to see what a new path of life is willing to bring me. there is a new fire in me that has not been there before. thanks to the amazing people in my life, i feel like i can conquer the world. 

readers, do you ever have those days where you feel so empowered and so able? now, if you are me these days are few and far between at times, but yet they still come around. i love them when they do. i have been so blessed, i can see that. the lord has done so much for me, and i can hardly count the ways he has helped me these past few months. i hope i can make him proud.

readers, just a reminder to always try and stay positive. i mean, it is never easy of course, but just try to seek out the good things in life. having a positive outlook on life can be the difference between finding yourself and slipping beneath the cracks. trust me, i know. just remember that each day is new and brings something significant to your life. live it, breathe it, feel it, embrace it. each and every day. okay, i am off my soap box now.

ps, does anybody else just love that feeling of first getting butterflies all over again? i sure do.
goodnight blogger.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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