August 22, 2012

it's interesting to think how much time can pass between two people and have them not feel a thing. now, more than ever, my belief in the concept of time and those who change within it has strengthened. i mean, i always knew that time made an impact, and that with every passing year we as humans, change. our appearance becomes a little more mature, and our inner self develops just a little bit more. but i have never understood how much time can influence the people we meet in our lives. lately though, i have been blessed with amazing opportunities mixed with mounds of amazing people. some old, and some new. i do not deserve all of them, and quite frankly, i have hurt a few of them in my short lifetime. but here they are, nonetheless. what a fantastic miracle that is. time has led them here, to me, at this very moment. maybe i will touch them, but more than likely they will touch me. 

time has been such an endless concept in my mind, and something that i cannot easily grasp. perhaps, it will always be a mystery. i am though, extremely thankful for the people it has brought into my life. readers, i know that some people out there feel very lonely and full of doubt, but hear me, please. there are people out there who care for you as an individual. time will never leave us completely alone. time does not work that way. i know your darkness may seem thick, but keep pushing through. with time, you will find yourself on the other end of dark, and in the midst of enveloping light. you just have to trust yourself, and trust time. nothing bad will ever be permanently wrong. i believe that. just try to believe that yourself. there will always be somebody there willing to help you through the fight, all you have to do is look. for me, i needed to look in the one place that time has stored for me all this time. the one part of my life that has been there for years, i was just too caught up in in myself to see it. maybe readers, start there. look into the nooks and crannies of your life, even open the closed up corners of your memory. you never know who time may be waiting to realign you with. or, continue to push forward and embrace the grand opportunity of finding someone new. either way, it's quite exciting. life can be exhilarating if we let it. but that's the trick. we must let it be so. 

trust time. trust yourself. trust others. and above all, remember to always let your inner sparkle shine.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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