August 16, 2012

sometimes, you meet extraordinary people. sometimes you meet friends who can make you laugh until your lungs feel like they might burst.  sometimes, life can deal you an excellent hand. sometimes, there are moments to treasure and lock into your memory. sometimes, people can be accepting and make you feel like you fit somewhere in the world. sometimes, there are things that you just have to accept and let go. sometimes, there are smiles that will never seem to fade. sometimes, there are days that can change the rest of your life forever. sometimes, you meet boys who remind you how you should be treated. sometimes, you make new friends that change your perspective. sometimes, there is someone who makes your heart skip a beat, or maybe two. sometimes, there is happiness that you are allowed to cling to. let it fill you until the point of overflowing. keep those moments installed forever. those are the times that remind you that life is worth living, but not just living, enjoying. readers, i do not doubt that dark and difficult times lie ahead for us all, but do not let those times define what your life maps out to be. instead, live life with the joyful apprehension that great things lie ahead. and then give hope for the hopeless. try it, just give it a whirl. and then look at how much your life can change for the better and how much peace you can create both for yourself, and for others.

-shine on,
glitter girl.
this is one of the sweetest guys i know.

these are some of the finest gentlemen around.


Jenn said...

The boy band! Hahahaha

glitter girl. said...

bahaha, they fit the image perfectly (: