August 13, 2012

"you are the smell before rain, you are the blood in my veins."
-brand new
the boy who blocked his own shot

you know, it seems that i spend a ridiculous amount of time looking back on old memories. in fact, just today i finally found my old ninth grade yearbook. it was lost for a time, but it reappeared suddenly. as i looked through the pages, i noticed how much is different now and how many people have changed so much. that ninth grade class at willowcreek, quite frankly we thought we were the "shit", if you want me to quote what the majority of people signed in my yearbook. and maybe we were, at the time. i still recall that as one of my favorite years in my past. so many good people flooded my life, and so many lessons were learned. although i struggled, there was alot of good. it is crazy to me how much time has passed between then and now. i can remember those days like they were yesterday, and yet here i am, going on twenty years old, awaiting the morning when i will move out to my second year of college. it feels so surreal. i found a note written in that yearbook from someone in particular. it made me smile a million smiles. i would share it, but he might be upset if i shared his personal message over the internet. but finding that, and re-reading it made me think about him a bit. and our time together. 

 so young, so sincere, and so innocent we all were back then. i do though, have the pleasure of having this particular friend in my life. STILL. after 5 years, we are still as close as ever. isn't that amazing to anyone else? maybe it is just me. there are not very many people in my life that have stuck with me for so long outside of my family. it is people like this guy that give me faith in the human race. it reminds me that friendship and caring for someone can be alot deeper than the surface. he has always been there to listen to my petty problems. what a guy. what would i do without him?

readers, isn't it interesting to look at what you have had, and what you still have? if you are anything like me, you probably  spend some time regretting your own mistakes, at least the ones that drove other people away. sometimes though, there are those who stay with you no matter what sort of hell you put them through. those are the people worth sticking with. those are your true friends. (as cliche as that sounds) i think it is important to recognize those people in our lives, and let them know how important they are. there is someone for everyone. whether it is a family member, a friend, a significant other, or that one person who just won't seem to walk away. hold to that person as fiercely as they have held to you. it is the least you can do. it is the least i can do. 

shine on,
glitter girl.

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