September 17, 2012

could this have come at a more perfect moment? no, probably not. how does she always know what to say, even when she is thousands of miles away? i miss my courtney. just a few more months. she made me cry again today. she is seriously the greatest missionary ever, and my biggest hero in life. she is also my greatest cheerleader. i know everyone thinks that their sister is the greatest, but they really have no idea. 

just remember readers, there is always someone out there looking out for you, someone who loves you. always. you may feel alone, or at times, it may look like there is nobody around for you, but that is not true. there is always one person out there who is thinking about you, who wants to hear you are okay. don't give up hope kids, life is not over yet. in fact, it has only just begun. keep living, keep loving, keep believing. and, keep shining. you have no idea who may be affected by your smile on campus, or who may need you to say hello. be the spark this world needs. if you don't do it, then who will? don't pass up the opportunity to do some good for this world. this place is filled with so much dark, bleak, and disastrous misfortune. we need to do away with it, and start spreading the joy that this world was intended to feel. you can do it reader, you can. one person can make a change. let that change be you.

-shine on,
glitter girl.