September 13, 2012 

so, with me being a journalist in the making, i spend some time everyday reading articles. to help, you know, "broaden my horizons". i dunno, i enjoy it. well, today i came across this one. (which everyone should go read). now, before anyone says anything or assumes something terrible, there is something you should know about me. although i am a conservative through and through, and also, yes, a MORMON, i am still very open to others' opinions. i do not shut people out just because they think differently of me. i also believe that writing is a wonderful tool. i am studying it because, as much as i enjoy it, i also think that a writer has the chance to make a change in the world. that is exactly what i want to do. for that reason, i believe that people should only use the power of words for good, not bad. just because you may disagree with someone and their beliefs, does not give you the right to bash on them. although this article is well written, and i see his point, calling mormons close minded, ignorant, and bigatrous is a little uncalled for. we have our way of believing, even though it is different, it is not WRONG. that is how it goes for everyone. standards and values will never be wrong. 

so, as for me, i will always try and use my love of writing to inspire others. make them feel better than before they read my works. this is my goal, and my oath to you readers. i only hope that today you can remember the importance of being fair, kind, and understanding. where has name calling ever gotten anyone, ever? it is through our differences that we can find strength. and in those differences we can also find harmony.

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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