September 4, 2012


is it odd that i think about this subject alot? maybe it is because having love is one of my greatest desires, but also one of my biggest fears. an illogical contradiction i know, and yet i can't help but feel the conflict within myself. i have spent so much of my life thinking if i did not find love now, while i was young, that i would never find it. at the same time though, i was under the impression that no on person out there would ever want to put up with me for an entire eternity. so, i was stuck. and i went through life trying so hard to be the most perfect version of myself that i could be for the people around me, because then they would love me. if i was exactly what they wanted, then they would be with me. the problem is though, you can never truly be loved by someone unless you are loving yourself. and, you can never fully love yourself unless you are being the person that is inside of you. this all sounds like common sense to most of you i know, but to me, it is all just beginning to click together. slowly, but absolutely. sometimes, it takes the acceptance of certain people to make you see that who you are, is good. and sometimes it takes the rejection of others to help you understand that you may never be "good enough" for some, but that you should be more focused on being good enough for yourself instead. i believe that no one person will ever truly find love until the moment that they decide they are okay to stand on their own two feet.  love yourself first, then the love for others will fit more perfectly in your heart than you could ever imagine it would. then, let yourself be happy. let yourself be loved. don't be afraid of it. trust yourself, trust in what you feel. believe in yourself, then believe that someone else can also believe in you. once you love yourself for all that you are, then you can travel down the path of finding your missing piece. then fall in love. 

fall in love. be passionate and fearless. listen to your heart. be thoughtful and generous. believe in love at first sight. hold hands. laugh nervously. write love letters and make handmade gifts. get dressed up for a date. feel butterflies in your stomach. run away together. create memories you will tell your grandchildren about. cuddle. learn from each other. be patient and kind with your words. grow old together. be spontaneous and impulsive. kiss each other goodnight. remember why you fell in love. this is your  happily ever after. embrace it, live for it, and be patient while you wait for it to arrive. 

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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