September 24, 2012

you know readers, sometimes life just feels lousy. it can happen for a number of reasons really. sometimes you can fail a test, or fall on your face at practice. you could fight with a friend, or get your heart broken. you could lose a loved one, or even just miss one who is far away. no matter the reason, sometimes life just gets you down. now, i could sit here and spew to you about how you should be stronger and rise above the hard things in life, but sometimes that answer is just not realistic. i do not try to be anything but real on my blog, so i am here to write about how sometimes life just stinks. and that is okay. it is okay to be sad, or annoyed, or frustrated, or upset. it is okay to feel these things in your life, because without these emotions like these, we would not be able to fully appreciate emotions such as happiness, love, excitement, and joy. the purest kind of joy. pure joy is an uplifting feeling unlike any other. i know this, because i have experienced it. but the reason i can recognize it and feel it and love it when it comes is because i also know what pure sadness is. everyone feels it differently, and for different reasons, but we all know what it's like for us. so, feel sad. feel upset. feel frustrated. just remember that it won't last forever. and then when joy and happiness come around remember to feel it. wholly and completely. let that soak into your skin, into your veins, and shoot through your body. feel it. appreciate it. and smile. then, my friends, you may better begin to appreciate yourself in those sad moments. because you know how sweet and pure true happiness can really be. don't give up on life after having just one bad day, or one bad week, or even a bad year. it happens to us all. there are people all around you to help. let them. and then, when life clears up, smile. and enjoy it. 

listening to bon iver on a really bad day with the rain in the background really is the best medicine.

-shine on,
glitter girl. 

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Jenn said...

Caitlin Thomas you're amazing and don't you forget it. If you ever have a bad day just know I'm a phone call, text, tweet, Facebook message, tumblr ask, mental wave length away. :)