September 30, 2012

you know readers, today i had an interesting lesson in church. it was not what something i was expecting to get out of my sunday, but i guess it is an important issue. today my bishop had the relief society and priesthood combined for the whole two hour block before sacrament. i didn't find this too strange since it was the fifth sunday and that is usually happens. what i was not expecting though was the topic that was about to be discussed. we talked alot about love versus lust and addictions. more namely, pornography addictions. while this is a hard topic to soak in, the lesson was astounding. i just want to share parts of it with you today readers, because there is more in it than just to those struggling with this problem. oh no, there is so much more.

the first point my bishop strongly got across was that a person dealing with this problem is not garbage. in fact, not one person dealing with any sort of trial is garbage. just because a person has a weakness of any kind doesn't make them any less of a person. we are all human here, and we all have certain trials we have to get through to grow and progress in this life. no one person's trials are better than anothers. i feel as people we compare what we are going through and look down on others who, we believe, are struggling with something we deem as "worse" than ours. there is so much wrong in this, that it is not even funny. we are humans here, and life can be difficult as it is. we, all being equals in our creation and in god's love for us, should be down here supporting one another through everything. if we turn our backs on each other, who else is left to help make mortality bearable? i completely believe that we all have our fair share of struggles, but that life is overall good. there is no need to put others down in order to bring yourself up. that really won't help. life is a beautiful, difficult, challenging, and joyous thing. let us all band together and become stronger as humans, together. there is strength in that statement. i believe that if we can continue to help people fight their battles, and spread joy wherever possible, then together we can make a change. we can start a revolution. ooh ohh, i get all excited thinking about it. 

hahaha happy sunday everyone, (:

-shine on,
glitter girl

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