December 2, 2012

i had a friend comment on my FB wall the other day and told me i such at blogging. i then thought for a moment, and realized i really do. man, it has been awhile since i have posted. i have been distracted and let life get in the way of me doing what i love most. how unfortunate. well boss, this ones for you! thank you for reminding me that i needed to post.

so today i want to write about something that has been on my mind for awhile. i have noticed, and not just recently, that i have been extremely blessed with wonderful people in my life. people that are examples to me everyday and remind me all about who i want to strive to be someday. i bore my testimony about this in sacrament today, but i feel the need to say more on here for anyone who is still reading. first off, i have the most wonderful parents. as crazy, nutty, and hard headed as they may seem sometimes, i am eternally grateful to have been born to the family that i was. god knew me all too well when he was picking out families. he knew i was going to need parents that were as stubborn as me, but also fun, motivated, and loving. my parents teach me everyday what it means to truly sacrifice out of love. they give everything they have to their children every single day. every last penny, every last smile, every last lecture, every last amount of energy they have, they give away to their children. they are a huge example to me and i don't know where i would be without them.

along with my parents, i have been blessed with many other great influences. my roommates for one. they are some of the greatest women i know. i could trust the future of this world with them in charge. i also have people like courtney boss who take more time out of their life to care about others than they do about themselves. i love her so much. same with jennifer palomino, who would have thought we would end up being such great friends? she is also an example of caring about others. she gives more to her friends than any normal person could ever dream of. oh how i just love these two ladies.

the last person i need to mention today is a very dear friend of mine. he and i have known each other for several years now and have come in and out of each other's lives. he is one of my very best friends and teaches me everyday. he is the greatest example i know of letting the atonement work. he never let the decisions he made or the decisions of others stop him from seeing what he really wanted. never did he give up on himself or on his life. i have the tendency to just feel like giving up after i mess up big time. it is hard for me to see past my own mistakes. but he, no he is so much better than that. he let the atonement change him and teach him and make him better. what an example he is to me.

so readers and fellow bloggers, those are the thoughts filling my mind on this wonderful sunday evening. i hope that everyone can look into their own lives and see the wonderful people which god has blessed them with in their life. no matter where you are at, and what battles you are fighting, you are never alone. remember that. i am always here for you, my comment box is always open. i am here, and god is here for all. thank you and have a good night. 

shine on,
glitter girl.


Jenn said...

I love you Caitlin. Also your blog, but mostly you.

glitter girl. said...

mostly i just love you though.