January 8, 2013

wow, it has sure been awhile. i have really sucked at this lately. i am sure by now all of my followers have quit reading because i have not posted anything for them to read. that is my fault and i will suffer the consequences of my actions. i don't even have any excuses other than i have simply been lazy. i apologize readers, (i mean, that is assuming that i even have any still) i am pledging right now to do better. much better.

in fact, with it being a new year, and this blog being a journal of sorts, i have made a resolution and i am going to write it down. now, this is not one of those "resolutions" that people say they are gonna do and then never do it, like lose weight, or get in shape, or save money for a new car. (and no, those were not resolutions i failed in the past, how dare you assume so?) no, this resolution is doable and will help me in my life. i resolve to blog at least once a week for the next months. until june. after that, i am hoping to be gone somewhere teaching others about jesus, so my blog will become the gateway to my emails ran by my older sister who will be home from her own mission. so, count on me at least once a week. deal?

with the start of a new year comes many emotions for someone as nostalgic and freakish as me. every year i find myself looking back on what happened previous to that time and reflecting on the change that has taken place. without even realizing it, i changed the course of my entire life in 2012. i became a pageant girl, i learned to love, lose, and love again. i decided i would serve a mission. i gave my whole self and through that found myself. i did something i never thought i could. i conquered a fear. i progressed in my future. i found what i loved to do. these are things i never thought were possible at times, especially not all in one year. but, looking back i am proud to say that i did it. i am sure that we can all look back at 2012 and ask ourselves what is different now. i know for most of us out there it is easier to see what we lacked or what we did wrong, but i urge you to move past that. i ask that you look at 2012 with positivity and happiness. look at what you accomplished, and love yourself for it. then, look at what you might do differently. every experience is for our good and will only help us in the long run. 2012 is over, but the lessons can last forever. take what you know now, and apply it to your 2013. make this the year to challenge. make it unlike any other. be positive. believe in yourself. love fearlessly and passionately. serve others. seek out beauty in the world. live. breathe. and shine.

-shine on,
glitter girl. 

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