June 15, 2013

called to serve.
angeles, phillipines mission.
june 2013-december 2014.

while i am gone serving the lord during my 18 month adventure, my sister will be posting my e-mails on my blog for anyone who wants to follow. i would love to hear from you all while i am gone. i will be praying for you all while i am gone. god be with you until we meet again!

i know this work is a glorious and wonderful work. i know that this church is true, and i want to proclaim it to all the world through missionary work. i know it will be hard, but i am sure the lord will make it all worth it. i love my savior, i love my family, i love my friends, and i am grateful for all the support that i have been given. i hope i can make you all proud. 

don't forget to shine and share your sparkle with the world. 

-shine on,
glitter girl.

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