July 26, 2013

Last Week in the Philippines MTC!!!!!!!

Sister Thomas sent two letters this week.  Can you believe it, she has less than a week left in the MTC.
I just love this sister missionary!

hi daddy!
awhh thanks daddy, you always know just what to say.
i am always praying for my family. i pray so hard every single day for you all to be happy and to have everything you need to get by.
living out here has already made me realize how blessed i really was back home. i don't think i will ever be able to complain about
"not having enough" of something ever again. especially when i get home. these people here come from basically nothing, and yet
they are some of the happiest people i have ever met in my life. how is it possible? it's the gospel. these people love the gospel so
much and they serve with so much zeal, it amazes me.
yeah, well, i basically just live off of all my american snacks i buy on p-day. BUT we leave next week so that means we get fed american
food!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
awwwhhh football season, my favorite. keep me up to date on what is happening! (:
how is joey? i have not heard from him at all. is he coaching again?

well daddy, i do love you.
there will be more details in my long email to mom.
but just know that i love you! and that i pray for you everyday.
i hope that everyone is happy in this new house!
-sister thomas

awhh man. i love hearing all about my family. i think about you often, and i pray for every one of you individually every single day.
i love you all so much. i really really do.
awwhh i am so glad to hear all my siblings are so happy and doing well! courtney will be an amazing social worker.
hannah is smart. i hope she gained some self confidence from this adventure. she needs to know how amazing she really is!
i am so excited for her and her upcoming year!
awh, my little bo-man. every elder that sees his picture over here says he is a stud! one of the new zelanders called him a major
"skuxx" which is kiwi slang for a stud. hahaha so bowen, you go you lil skuxx you! (;
all is well over in the philippines. those girls now just ignore me and probably still talk about me, but i have just stopped caring. i can't let it become my problem right?
thank you for that story, i am really going to study it this week. that is something that i think we can all work on. so what an inspiring story indeed, thanks mommy. (:
we did get the chance to go proselyting again this week! but this time we went into Quezon City, which is right next to Manila. i went out with another american from texas, and a native filipino. they were both super cute and very encouraging! i had to lead two lessons. one on the spirit world, and one on the first vision! yikes, they gave me the hardest concepts to explain in tagalog! haha the investigator we taught first was sister joanne, she is 14 years old. yes, 14 years old, and she already lives on her own and has her own job and pays for her own things. her mom and dad could not afford a real divorce but they seperated and now her mom has her own family somewhere else in the philippines. joanne's father had to move back to the province to find work, and joanne has not seen him since. all of her other siblings are split up and living with different family members around the country. she is on her own. she lives with the lady who owns the shop that she works at, who is a member. that is how she came across the church. this girl was so darling. i could not believe the things she has experienced already at 14. but, she still is one of the happiest, and most mature, 14 year olds i have ever met. she struggled to understand my tagalog, but the other girls helped me and i think the message got through. she likes the church and she likes the way she feels when the missionaries are there and when she prays. it's just hard for those sisters to get a 14 year old girl to commit to reading the BOM ya know? but, she was really sweet and i learned alot from teaching her.
the second investigator was sister virginia who was a 45 year old mom of 4. her husband has not been heard from in over a year. he went to the province to find work, but she has not heard from him since or received any money. so she is on her own. when we got to her little home all of her boys were completely stark naked and she was bathing right in fron of the door! ha they have no doors. but we went inside and just waited while she finished bathing. hahah weirdest thing! her little boys were darling, even in the nude. everytime i would ask them something they would bust up laughing! they thought i sounded SO funny. haha we had a great time laughing and making jokes. one kid even showed us how he had learned how to pee in a can while hanging from the cieling. hahaha this experience gave me flashbacks to what life must have been like for dad while he was growing up. minus the lack of doors, privacy, and hygiene. although all of these obstacles were there, the lesson still went well. once the mother had finished bathing and put clothes on, we taught the first vision. the spirit was so strong and i was so excited that i was actually talking! ha! she was very nice and committed to pray to find out if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. awwhh. it was so much fun!
all in all, it has been a good week. i can't believe i leave the mtc on wednesaday! finally! i am still in shock about it! it started off so slow, but all of a sudden here i am, on my last mtc p-day. i don't know  yet where i'm going, hopefully you all or i will get information soon.  i had my last temple session this morning. i will miss going to the temple every single week. i am also going to miss all of these wonderful people here. i have made some of the greatest friends. these are people i will never forget, that is for sure.

hey mom, my aussie sisters want to go to BYU when they get home. i told them they could just live at my house and we could all go together. how would you feel about adopting one or maybe even two aussies? (:  i told them you would have no problem having more daughters and that you would love them.
i love my family, and i love hearing all of your updates! hahaha i love to see that my mom has become domesticated. hahaha WOO! actually though, for real, those curtains are really pretty mom. (: send me your new address!! i have a letter that i am just going to send to our old address. so hopefully you guys get it! be looking for it!
do you know if grandma sent my package to the mtc or to my mission home? if it was the mtc, i have not gotten it yet, and probably wont sooo...... ask her where she sent it.
yay for missionary work! i hope everyone is still sooo happy and having a good week! just have faith in the lord, because i am learning that that is the only way to get through this life. i have never felt so dependant on another person so much in my life, but it is the greatest feeling in the world. the savior can work miracles through you if you just let him. none of my success here is mine to claim. i am just a mouthpiece. but the lord is teaching me so much, every single day. i feel like a completely new person. *sigh* i sound like such a lil missionary. hahaha!
anyways, i love you all! i don't know when i will email again because i don't know when p-day is. but i will write to you when i can!
i love you! mahal kita!
-sister thomas

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