July 7, 2013

MTC Week 2

mahal ki ta. palagi. at, alam ko po na totoo po ang simbahan ni Jesucristo. (:

Dear mom and family!!
i am so happy i can finally sit down and write you guys. i miss you all like crazy. thank you for sending that immunization record. (: now, the nurse isn't mad at me. haha

where did you guys decide to move to?? what house will i be coming back to? haha
oh i am so happy to hear that everyone is doing so well! i miss you all, but i am doing good here in the mtc.
this week has been rough. i have come down with a really bad case of strep throat, and i haven't had a voice in two days. so, teaching my investigators was hard. haha not only can i NOT speak their language, but i could hardly speak at all! learning this language is hard and disheartening at times. i tend to get really frustrated and i don't know how to learn faster and more efficiently. i feel like i am not a useful tool for the Lord when i can't communicate the lessons to the people. i want to just be able to teach without having this huge barrier in front of me. i want to be able to make a difference, but i can't do that unless i can learn this language. and it is proving to be extremely difficult for me. so, pray for me. hard.
i had an investigator look me right in the eyes this week and tell me that he did not have a testimony and that he did not need to pray. it literally broke my heart. what can i do for someone who won't pray to know the truth? me and my kasama are stuck, and we don't know what to teach him anymore. we also can't communicate with him very well because he speaks zero English so we also don't think that we are getting the message across and the spirit is not there. it's rough cause we just want to change his life RIGHT NOW. one step at a time i guess. i am really learning how to have patience and rely on the Lord. we pray for these investigators every night and hope that the next lesson will go better. we will prepare more together and hope that better preparation will give way for a better lesson.
Courtney was right, the MTC is hard. i have never come across a challenge so difficult in my life. with so little training, these teachers expect fluent Tagalog already. i am trying so hard, but i feel like i am disapointing them when i can't speak or communicate my thoughts. it is emotionally draining, but i'm keeping the faith. ha!
but, on the positive side i have met some of the most amazing people here! i absolutely love my district. we are all so close and i feel like i have made some life long friends. i love my tongan sisters so much. they are so loving and excited about life!! haha i love them. i also adore (in a brotherly way) my australian elder. he will be an awesome missionary. i am excited for him.
i also adore the aussie sisters i wrote about last week. they keep me motivated on days when i am down. they have such strong spirits and testimonies! i love being able to learn about the different cultures. we have filipinos, australians, americans, tongans, somoans, chinese, missionaries from pakistan, new zealanders, missionaries from taiwan...... and more. the diversity is so fun and its amazing to see faithful missionaries from all over the world!
well, i love you all. sorry, but we have a temple session soon so i can't write much more! but i love you and pray for you everyday.

i love hearing about courtney. 
tell hannah i love her and tell bowen i love him as well.
tell daddy that i love him and miss him.
tell grandma colleen i got her email and loved it! i can't respond but i love her and appreciate her.
HAPPY FOURTH!! have fun at the stadium of fire! (;
loves loves loves. 

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