July 19, 2013

Philippines MTC Week #4

Wow, I can't believe she has been in the MTC four weeks.  Overall, time is passing by quickly, well some days quicker than others.  I really miss her, however, she is exactly where the Lord needs her to be.  She will love the Filipino people with all of her heart and bring happiness and light to their lives.  She is going to be an amazing missionary and do amazing things!


Mom and Family,
Magandag Hapon Po!
of course where you are, it is midnight. hahaha weird.
thanks mom for always keeping my updated and always keeping me motivated. this week was full of such amazing moments, and also some really rough ones. this language is going to kill me i think, but the less i worry about it and just study, the better i am at using it.
the mtc is starting to get old. haha i am ready for change. we eat ALL filipino food with the occasional american dish. mostly every meal is rice with some form of meat cooked in some form of asian sauce. and every vegtable is fried in the sauces as well. soooooo it is not my first choice, but it is starting to grow on me.
i have not had to speak YET, but i feel that my time is coming. they don't inform you that you are speaking until the night before. soo mostly everyone just wings it. haha and you can speak "taglish" so it won't be too bad.
the mtc started off being pretty small, but it has now exploded. they are sending every asian country serving missionary here, whether they speak english, tagalog, japanese, mongolian, mandarin, korean, anything! if you serve in an asian country you will be sent here. this place is PACKED! it was not built for this many people. haha but it is exciting. they are in the middle of building two more additions to this mtc because it is only going to continue growing! the work is hastening and the rest of the world needs to catch up still!
the philippines temple is beautiful. we go every single p-day here. i will be so sad when i don't get to go every week anymore. :(
so, my investigators are doing well, and i think my ability as a teacher is starting to get a little better. i just struggle to communicate everything i am thinking and feeling into tagalog so it makes the lessons hard. but the spirit speaks to them much more powerfully than i ever could alone, so that is what really makes the difference!
I had a problem this week. a bunch of the islander girls from tonga decided that they didn't like me cause i was "white" and "snobby" and "vain." and they would talk about me behind my back, and right in front of me, just in tongan so i never knew. they made fun of the fact that i was a dancer, and they made fun of my clothes and my white skin, and my family, and just everything they could think of. my kasama finally felt bad and told me the things they were saying about me, cause i honestly had no idea. they would come into my room at night and talk about me, right in front of me! i will admit, i was really angry at first. so upset. but, then i decided to just pray really hard to have forgiveness and love in my heart. as hard as it was, the savior softened my heart and helped me understand that it was okay. and the best thing i could do was love them. so i have made an extra effort to be kind to those girls now, so i hope their thoughts of me are different now.
i love hearing how well the family is doing! school stinks, but tell courtney and hannah that i know they are so smart and will get through any challenge they face. i know them (: i miss my family, but i love being here!
my proselyting activity was the greatest thing! i got to LEAVE the mtc for a few hours!!! HALLELUJAH! i almost cried tears of joy. and then i went out and i cried real tears. haha i went proselyting in an area that was so poor. it looked alot like the favelas of Brazil you always talk about mom. people were living in one room homes with 6 or 7 people in them, and the rooms were all stacked on top of each other. then the 15 or so families all shared a toilet which did not even have a door on it. i wasn't disgusted or bugged, i was honestly so humbled to see people living this way. and yet, they are some of the happiest people i have ever met. never once did they complain about their situation, they just smiled at me and begged me to come into their home and sit with them. all the children wanted to touch my hair and my skin, it was the funniest thing! they all understood english, and just spoke tagalog. so i spoke taglish, and the girls i was with would translate anything that i did not understand. so, for me, the experience was great. there was alot of spirit in those homes. we taught all recent converts. and they were just so happy to hear about the gospel, especially from a REAL american! hahaha greatest day ever.
i can't wait until i go back out again. and then a week later, i go out into the field! i have alot of mixed emotions about everything right now. and i am just trying to hold it all together. haha i have to rely on the lord so much to keep myself focused and on track. i love how close i feel to the spirit all the time. it is the most amazing thing i have ever felt.
well family, i love you all! good luck to bowen on his tournament and football! tell dad i love him and that i will pray for him! tell my sisters that they are beautiful and i miss them. and mom, i just love you! and all of my mtc friends can't wait to come to america after our missions to meet you! (:
love love love.
sobrang mahal kita pamilya!
-sister thomas

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