August 19, 2013

Life As a Real Missionary... Part #3

kumusta po?

okay so, i spent a solid half hour writing you this amazing email, and then my computer shut off (stupid flooding) before i got to send it. soooo i am really upset about that. haha and this email will not be nearly as amazing. sorry po. 

i am glad everyone at home is doing well. tell them to be excited for school. school is cool. (:

so this week has been interesting, but good. my companion got really sick and so we spent five days at home. she slept alot, and i cleaned, ate, and watched every church dvd there is. i watched the JS movie twice. haha i was SO bored. i definetly missed my smart phone this week. (;

anyway, all is well. i am starting to learn that life is much easier and happier as a missionary when you wake up and put a smile on your face, regardless of how much water is outside your door.  (: my new goal is to try and find the positive in every given situation. it is always there somewhere, i just have to search for it. 

we had a sisters training in Tarlac City on thursday, which my companion was well enough to go to. it was all about attitude. funny huh? i felt like the whole training was targeted towards me, in a good way. i learned so much. i realized that i would never learn this language unless i changed my attitude about it. the Lord promises to bless us all, but we must first put forth faith. faith first, miracles later. the Lord is blessing me out here, every single day. but if i am not recognizing those blessings, i can't see the hand he has in my life. i hope family, that you do this everyday as well. i learned the art of being happy from my home. there is always happiness to be found there. life is so much easier and so much more enjoyable when you spend the time on your knees, smiling, and giving gratitude. 

i have spent more time in prayer and studying the scriptures than i have in my entire life. i am learning and growing so much. in fact, i feel like a completely different person that i was when i left two months ago. i hope that even though i cannot communicate, the Lord allows me to bless these people. because they are blessing and teaching me everyday. they have so much happiness all the time, and they live in very humble circumstances. how humbled i have become! these people amaze me every single day. they are some of the strongest, funniest, most care free people i know. how wonderful it is to be around them! i am learning that you don't need "things" to be happy, just the gospel of jesus christ and knowing you a son or daughter of a loving heavenly father.

plus, they love americans. haha i have been asked out on multiple dates and i have had men ask if they could "court" me. oh man. so funny. but all i can say is "bawal bawal! misyonero po ako!" and laugh. and blush. haha all the men on the street call me "madam" and offer to walk me across the street and stuff. it is the funniest thing i have ever seen. oh and guess what they call me? sister barbie. haha look courtney, i am carrying on the legacy!

anyways, sorry this email is lacking luster. i just am too lazy to REWRITE what i had before. but my week was not eventful, considering most of my time was spent at home. haha 
oh we did attend a baptism! pictures are coming. (:  it was a beautiful baptismal service.  the spirit was felt by all in attendace.  i was humbled to be a part of it.  the gospel works miracles in the lives of those we teach everyday.  it takes great strength to make the necessary changes to come unto christ and be baptized, how amazing the atonement of christ is.  through the atonement, so many make life changes and feel the love of the savior, which is why they are willing to make sacrifices and to be baptized. the church is true!

so the weather has been crazy. it has rained and rained and rained. no evacuation yet, but it is flooding. we had to walk 5 miles through knee high deep water just to get here to email today. haha so be grateful for this email. (; just kidding!  i am blessed to have my "crocs" to stomp through the flooding and i carry my 72 hour kit with me in case we have to evacuate.  i have never lived in so much rain before. 

i am so grateful for my family. for my friends. and for all my support back home. i can feel your prayers everyday. i love you all. i am grateful for my Savior and for all that he does in the lives of his followers. he is real. he lives. and i love him. and he loves you all. never forget that!

i love you!!!

-sister thomas

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