September 23, 2013

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #8

FAMILY!! kumusta po kayo lahat? masaya kayo?

wow, is it p-day again already? time is so weird here. the days seem soooo long. but then the weeks go by so fast. it is freaking me out.

but alas, hello ulit! another monday morning here in Camiling. and yes, there is ALOT of rain. we haven't had too much wind or anything dangerous from the super typhoon, just lots and lots of rain. that doesn't stop filipinos however, or us. haha you just open your umbrella and walk out the gate. and actually, i would much rather work in the rain than the heat. except, when it rains i always come home covered in mud all the way to my knees. my poor clothes. it is a good thing we have a lady that does all of our laundry. she is a member from another branch. but she comes three times a week and washes and irons my clothes. she always makes fun of me and my muddy clothes. but, she somehow always gets them so clean. she is an angel.

ohhh i love hearing about everyone back home! it sounds like everyone is really busy right now, goodness! but busy is good. i am happy to hear courtney's talents are being used in her ward. she is so amazing, so i am glad they are using her talents. she has so much to give and to offer! plus, her experiences as a missionary will help her in all her efforts and calings. i am so proud of her. hannah, oh i am proud of her! i am so happy to hear she is putting forth her best effort. she is so smart, the trick to passing math is just by working hard. she can do it. i know it. plus, all of her other activities, she amazes me. she has been blessed with so many talents. tell her to keep using them. bowen. gaaaaaah.  he is incredibly talented too. goodness. i hope he continues to use his talents. awwwhhhh i wish i could have seen him pass the sacrament!!  (: he has the biggest and most tender heart. i can't believe how much he is growing up. tell him i love him and to keep being the amazing little man that he is.
anyways, my week was pretty good. on wednesday we had zone conference. that was an amazing blessing. i have been blessed with the most amazing mission president. and his wife is amazing too. i love them both so much! they know all of their missionaries by name and they make time to talk to us all individually. plus, my MP has so much scriptural knowledge and insights, that i learned so much from that conference. my faith was strengthed. i am learning out here the true meaning of faith. God wants to be in every aspect of our lives. even the little things. we just have to let him in. i don't know why i never realized that before.... but i am so grateful that i am learning it now.
in D&C 18 is says "how great will be your joy if you bring but one soul unto Christ." out here, that one soul he is talking about, is me. so far, i feel like i am the one who is being converted. i am that one soul that is being brought to Christ. so, if anything, at least i can come home in 18 months and hopefully say that i am that one soul.

YAY for a baptism!!!! Micheal Pacatang Audencial was baptized into the church and confirmed on Sunday. his service was amazing. we had so many priesthood holders come! and they all sang "Ye Elders of Israel." there truly is power in the priesthood. but, brother micheal was so happy. after his baptism he bore his testimony. he talked about the power the Book of Mormon has had in his life. it was beautiful. and how humbled i was as he stood up there in front of all those people, weeping, and thanking the missionaries for being patient with him and not giving up on him. (i guess he has gone through a few sets, haha.) his gratitude brought tears to my eyes. he thanked God for blessing him with this gospel. and he promised to do whatever he could to help the church grow. oh man, his testimony was so powerful. he is going to be an amazing leader of the church someday. afterwards, i went up and shook his hand and told him congrats! he just shook my hand and said "finally." then, he thanked me. again, i got teary eyed. the gospel has truly changed this man. i am so excited for him! and now, his wife is letting us teach her! how wonderful would it be to baptize her too?!  we will, i know it!

anyways, that is my week in a nutshell. there are struggles too, and some days it is really really hard to walk out that door. but, i am trying to exercise my faith, and trust in God. it is hard for me, because i like to rely on myself, but i am being humbled and taught a lot out here. i wouldn't change it for the world.

Nanay Cecila is still active as ever. (: i adore her. yesterday was her birthday, she turned 74! so tonight, we are doing FHE at her home and she is inviting all of her non-member friends to meet the missionaries! ha! i love that woman. so that should be a blast. (:

i love you all so much! i hope you have a wonderful week.
read, pray, and be good lil children of God. (;

mahal ko kayo lahat!

-sister thomas

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