September 30, 2013

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #9

hi family!
kumusta? (that means, how are you?)

THEY WON THEY WON THEY WON!! dad and bowen won! i have seriously been praying so hard for that lil team!!!! i don't even know if that was something i could pray about, but i did. haha and YES! i am so happy to hear they played hard! that sounds like such an intense game. especially bowen's re-cap of it. haha he is so cute! i am SO happy for them and those pictures of Dad crying seriously made my heart hurt a little bit. but i smiled. (: oh man, i miss football. haha

updates for me, well no baptisms last Saturday.... the family we had fell through. they have quit attending church and i am not sure why yet. we are not completely sure of their needs or concerns yet.... so pray that we can figure out what they need soon.  we are still visiting with them and praying for them. but this coming Saturday (5th) we have two baptisms! Sister Virgie (who made us the clothes) and Brother Randy. They are both awesome! Sister Virgie is a Born Again Christian and she just loves Jesus. haha, she loves the Book of Mormon. she is so ready. she had to quit coffee though, which has been hard for her, but she did it, and is now being baptized! YAY!  Brother Randy is 17, and he is friends with a member of our branch. His friend referred us to him and ever since we have been teaching him, he has accepted everything. when we teach, he has this look in his eyes, and he is just fascinated. it's amazing to me. it's like, you can see things clicking in his mind. he is very shy and quiet, but is excited for baptism. i can't wait for this Saturday.

so i realize that General Conference is this weekend for you guys, BUT here we don't get the broadcast until the 12 and 13. i guess they translate it first and then send the english version but those who want to listen in tagalog can use the headsets. SO don't spoil any big news!!!!! (:

i have to admit though, there have been trials this week. we have a lot of investigators who have quit progressing. our total number of investigators at church went from 17 three weeks ago, to only 2 yesterday. it was discouraging. but, we see that we are being tested. we are just trying to push through it and find out how to help these people.

also, remember that nasty infection? yeah, it has come back (or maybe never really went away). but this time, it is in my lungs. i have had a nasty cough for about 9 days. on saturday i got taken to the hospital again because my lungs were so filled up with icky stuff i could hardly breathe. goodness, it all sorts of drama. I HATE IT. but, they gave me more medicine, and so now i take about 9 pills every morning. HA! it is ridiculous. i worked everyday through all of this, but being outside and breathing in the air makes it worse. my voice is gone AGAIN, and i can't seem to get it back. and the antibiotics make me puke. so i just can't win this health war. haha it's okay, i am being taken care of, so don't worry.

i am SO glad everyone is doing well, mostly. and you have no idea how happy i am that the team won a game. i am still smiling from ear to ear. really. KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

i love you all so much and i pray for you everyday. keep working hard, praying, and being good! (:

-sister thomas

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