October 22, 2013

Life As A Missionary...Part #12

hi family!

sorry, this email will be short, again.  This is on account of the fact that i am currently on the AP's computer. he was kind enough to let my companion and i email since our whole p-day has been spent at the doctor's office. guess who is ill, again? yup, that is correct!  i am at the mission home and seeing the mission doctor. they were worried it was dengue fever, but the doctor just diagnosed me with another infection. although, i am beyond frustrated because the doctors here make you wait for three hours and then take maybe 2 minutes to examine you. the doctor didn't listen to my symptoms, he didn't take my temperature, he didn't do anything! ugh. i am so frustrated. and so is sister martino. hopefully we can find a solution soon, like today or tomorrow, because transfers are on thursday....and most of all, i don't want to be sick anymore!

i don't know what will happen at transfers. i really don't feel ready for a transfer, because i have spent so much time being sick. i also can't speak the language well, and i don't feel ready to learn a new area. i know the Lord qualifies those he calls, but i just have a lot of doubts. ugh.

mom, happy birthday last week! i am glad to hear that you got treated well. (: i sent you something in the mail so i hope you receive it soon. i worked as hard as i could for you on the 18th. that was your birthday present from me.  you were on my mind all day. i love my mommy.

i will admit, i don't feel very strong right now. i feel physically exhausted and mentally confused as to why nothing seems to be improving. i am frustrated. i shouldn't be, but i am. this language is hard, and the people don't seem to have any confidence in me here, and i am tired of always being sick and not having a doctor that actually takes the time to examine me! ugh. kill me.

we had a good week of teaching. except, we are struggling to find new investigators. there are a lot of challenges in our area right now, but i have faith that the Lord will get us through. i just wish i could be physically up to the task. our recent converts are active and strong.  that's good news.

i am happy to hear all is well at home. i have been praying for you all to experience some tender mercies since things have been difficult lately. i love my siblings and i am proud of them. tell courtney i am happy about her job! that sounds awesome! tell hannah i am proud of her for going out for the lead, and that she needs to ask a boy to the dance. a ton of boys keep taking her on dates so obviously they would LOVE to go with her, and tell Bowen i am so impressed to see how much he has grown and learned already! i am stoked about their win! YAY! and basketball will be more than exciting. (: i love it!

while it is becoming winter there, we are heading into summer here. the hot season. oh no. i thought i was already in the hot season. haha i am gonna die.

let everyone know that i am sorry for not answering their emails this week. i just have no time.

but i love you all and pray for you daily!! be good. read your scriptures. and smile. that fixes everything.

i will work hard for you.

-sister thomas

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