October 28, 2013

Life As A Missionary...Part #13

hello my family!

i love you all so much.  i can happily report this week that i think the health problems have FINALLY been figured out. haha they think that i contracted some sort of parasite that basically attacked and ate away my immune system. which is what has made me so susceptible to every other disease in the world. SO now, i am on a bunch of medicines to kill and eliminate the parasite from my body and also i'm taking vitamins c and d to boost my immune system. i am beginning to feel a lot better, but i am just tired all of the time. like abnormally tired. which is rough, so sister martino has adjusted my working schedule a little bit this week to help me have some time to recover. i spent a day or two being so completely discouraged because i didn't understand the meaning of these trials. but then i thought, i guess it is better that it is me rather then someone else. hmmm. so now, i feel good and like i can totally do this, parasite or not!

it has been a crazy week! i have been made a senior companion!  i can't believe it, it seems to quick. i thought for sure i would just move from greenie to junior companion status, but nope! man. i am leading the Camiling 4th area now. scary thought?! a little. but, i love this area so i am so happy i did not have to leave! sister naldoza has been transferred and is opening an area that up until this point has been all elders! she seems overwhelmed, but happy. i am happy i stayed. i love this area and the amazing people here. plus, the Moser's are next door and we live in the nicest, pink house in the entire mission. sooo...... hahaha!

my new companion is sister fabros. she is 25 years old in two days, and has been on the misson for almost ten months. i really enjoy her. she is a hard worker, and a really good teacher. i have learned a lot from her already. we work so well together.  she is so sweet too. we laugh together, but she is like me and understands when people need their space. haha so it works well. she is trying to learn the area and the names of the people and is so far doing a really good job! i am excited for this transfer! it is crazy though, her hometown is actually just a 15 minute tricycle ride down the road, no joke. she is from Pagisinan. which is not a part of the Angeles Mission. Camiling is the border. haha i feel bad that she is so close! but she says, near or far, she wants to share her testimony! plus, she is the ONLY member in her whole family. she converted on her own. wow, what an inspiration these filipino people are. she and i are going to work hard to make miracles happen.

our area is good. not much is happening at the moment. we have set a lot of goals for ourselves this month though. we are currently teaching two of sister virgie's children. they are younger, but eager. they like the adventures they read in the book of mormon. the son thinks Nephi is just a stud! haha they are so sweet, and we have them on baptism date for this month so pray that all goes well! we are hoping to slowly baptize the whole family, including her STUBBORN husband. that would be a miracle. i would love to see them go through the temple someday. pray for the husband, if he could soften his heart to receive the lessons, it would make all the difference for this family.

we had a less active family we have been visiting return to church this last month. and on sunday we went and visited them and set a temple date for them to be sealed! i taught about temples and families obviously. i showed them pictures of my awesome family and talked about how much i missed you but because we are sealed i will be with you all forever! i explained that is how i was able to leave for just 18 months and help bless other families in the philippines because i know i will be with mine for eternity. we were all crying. it was quite beautiful and the spirit was so strong! oh man. it was a good moment. they agreed to the temple date in December. they are active now, we just need to get Dad to pay tithing actively for the next two months and they all qualify for a recommend! oooohhhhh man. they asked us to be with them when they are sealed!  president martino said if they can prepare themselves for the temple, we can be there with them.  i can't wait. it truly will be a white christmas here in Camiling. (:  keep them in your prayers. 

i am happy to hear the family is well. tell courtney she is amazing. and that things will work out in the timing the Lord sees fit. she didn't learn Spanish in two months, and so moving forward with her life will not happen overnight either. i am glad she likes her jobs and is busy.
hannah. wow.  i don't know how she does it all. but i am glad she is busy, it will keep her out of trouble. haha tell her to ask a boy to the dance! it will be fun! dances are the best and most memorable part of high school. she will be sad if she doesn't go! she amazes me though. tell her i said that.
bowen. oh how i adore him. since when did he get a FB?! like what? when did he get so grown up? haha he is so handsome though. and all the filipina moms LOVE his freckles. they think they are just the cutest thing. i have to agree with them. haha

i love my family. i am glad you are all well. i pray for you everyday. i seriously feel enormously blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family! thank you all for the prayers and your emails and your love. that is what pushes me everyday to work and serve. i love it here, and i don't want to leave. i wish you could all be here with me experiencing this! haha but, alas, it is my adventure to have.  i hope my emails are enough to share it with you.  i am grateful for the packages and emails and letters you send.  they help keep me going.

i miss you all. but not enough to come home. sorry. (: hahaha!
have a good week! pray hard, study harder, and be good.
the Lord is with you always.

-sister thomas

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