October 14, 2013

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #11

hello thomas family and friends, (:

sorry this email is coming in so late. you see, i don't know if you knew but a real big, super typhoon hit my area this last week. i thought that first one that came through several weeks ago was bad.... but wow. we were in our house and it came mostly while we were sleeping. but it wiped out trees, some houses, and all the power here in Camiling. i have never been more grateful for power than the night i took a bucket shower by candlelight. GRABI! i felt like a real pioneer. hahaha!

this email will be short, pasensya po! (sorry!) but, the typhoon basically wiped out the internet here, and so we are even lucky to have found the one place who has a back-up generator with internet. but there are a lot of people waiting,,,, mostly missionaries who, like me, are eager to write to their worried mothers.

don't worry though. i am fine. our house is so nice, and strong. just a few fallen trees and some flooding. no problems tho. it is my investigators and those we teach who i am worried about. most of them have lost their little homes. it breaks my heart. we are planning a lot of service activities this coming week.  we will build and repair and paint and such!

i was able to watch conference using the church's back-up generator. good thing the church is always prepared. all of the talks were so powerful, but the one that struck me the most was Elder Holland's. not that i suffer from depression, but there are days out here that can be rough. anyway, i felt like he was talking right to me; "if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it. and be strong. and then live with the hope that better things will come. because they will." oh my goodness, that was beautiful. seriously. i loved conference. it was a completely new experience as a missionary. wow. i love this gospel.

we attended the funeral for the Martinez family. it was really beautiful. the filipinos have many beautiful traditions. they seem to be doing well. Wilbur, their son who is a branch missionary so i work with him a lot, should be receiving his mission call in two weeks. President Martino called and said his papers were submitted. what a tender mercy for his family. there is joy in the sadness!! (:  i cannot wait for his call to arrive.

anyways, other than that this week has been slow. Satan is working hard on all of our investigators and recent converts. already, some of those whom we baptized are less active. ugh, heartbreaking. but, nanay cecilla attended conference all on her own. and after she said, "i feel so happy! because i saw the prophet on tv. he is old like me, but is really strong. i am happy." she is so sweet. the Lord has blessed me by allowing me to meet her.

anyways, gotta go! sorry if this a lacking-luster email. haha but, this morning since there was no power or no internet, what did a zone full of bored missionaries do? we hiked the falls of course! it was beautiful!!!!! pictures to come later. (:

mahal ko kayo lahat!

-sister thomas

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