November 27, 2013

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #17

family!! (:

sorry this email is coming so late. we had a zone activity earlier at the Moser's house. they had some of their kids from the USA come visit them this week, and they are so nice! they even brought canned chili, cheese, and real salsa from America! we had nachos. and i was so happy. except, now my stomach hurts from being too full. it is not used to it hahaha. i love the Moser's! and i love my zone. we have a lot of fun.

hannah's pictures look awesome. she is so beautiful. seriously. it is insane. she looks like the life of the performance, as usual. (: love her. bowen is the most handsome pharoh ever. hahaha even with that big frown on his face. how was b-ball this last week? courtney is beautiful, as normal. i am glad she is busy and having some fun. (:
we had a church service project last week as a zone! we learned how to and helped the community harvest rice! haha, it was intense and SUCH hard work. so fun though. i now, can officially become a rice farmer. 

after the service project, the members and locals cooked dinner for us. i literally watched them pull a goat out of the pen, slit its throat and drain the blood right there. then cook it for us. i almost died. i politely declined that meal. i ate only the rice.  no more parasites for me......

this week has been crazy! as missionaries, i did not expect to come across some of these problems. haha i think some people think that we are counselors, and they share ALOT of personal information with us. to the point that, we are not allowed to teach them anymore. :( there are a lot of rules, especially when it comes to sisters out here. so if they share certain information with us, we have to abstain from teaching them. it is so hard, because i feel like i am condeming or abandoning them! we have to refer them to the priesthood holders in our branch and pray that they take care of them.

my companion and i are doing really well. it is amazing what happens when their is unity in a companionship. she is so loving and so kind. we laugh and sing between appointments. we cry with each other about our people. we pray together like ten million times a day. it is wonderful. she teaches me to cook, i show her some dance moves, and it is just a lot of fun. i am so sad that this transfer is almost over.... because she will be transferred. president martino has informed us that she will be transferred. i am so sad! but i know she needs to go bless others in another area. i have learned so much from her though. and i can feel my language skills improving a little bit everyday! there is hope for me! haha...finally.

Micheal..... oh man. this poor man. this last week his child got bit by a cobra. i am not kidding. i was like "really?!" i think he is being sanctified or something. i dunno, but he had no money for a doctor. so they were doing at home "witch" style healing. it is very common among the poor here. i fear for that child. we offered to have someone give him a blessing, but brother michael said his family would not approve. we have not heard from him since last Tuesday. but we have been praying like crazy. he needs some relief from his trials and some big blessings.

Virgie is good! and we are teaching two of her four kids and one of their friends! all three of them participated in the Primary Program yesterday! it was SO cute! i love the little children. they are all excited to be baptized. So, hopefully this coming December for them.

We have another investigator who is FINALLY progressing. remember Cristy Martin? her husband is the one that is difficult and doesn't like to work, well she has been to church twice now and is really excited for her baptism! her baptism day is the 14th! i am so excited. except, (there is always a hiccup) we had a big concern come up....something from 20 years ago. she will have to be interviewed by President Martino. i hope she can still be baptized. pray for her. she has worked so hard. she has even quit smoking! oh man. my heart hurts. i have seen the atonement work in her life, and i hope she will continue to gain understanding and comfort from the power of the atonement.

i never thought i could love people so much in my life. i never thought my emotions would feel so much for others. how does Heavenly Father do this every day?! i am so exhausted by the end of every day, both physically and emotionally. i literally fall into bed. hahaha!

i love you all! i hope all is well back home. i am happy and healthy. i am trying to work hard. i love these people so much. i love the work. truly i do! i can't wait for christmas in the philippines!

and btw, we can Skype next month. here at the internet shop! i will get all the info later. it will be Christmas eve for you, and really early Christmas Day for me. WOOO! can't wait to see all your lovely faces in another month. (:  life is good.  the church is true!

mahal kita!

-sister thomas

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