December 2, 2013

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #18

The sun shines brighter in the Philippines!

The Best Zone in the Angeles Mission!

dear thomas family, 

so i really do look forward to your updates on the family and the real world.  i am happy that everyone is doing well.
i am glad you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. i will admit, i was a little homesick on thanksgiving because here, all we had was rice. but, i am happy that you guys had a wonderful time eating turkey, stuffing, and potatoes! haha (: i am glad Catching Fire was so good!! awwwwhhhh. that is the first movie we will all watch when i get back. i hope it is still cool another year from now. haha.  black friday! awwhhh man. i miss that. haha i am glad you all went and had a good time even without me.

i am happy to hear all of your amazing bashes that you planned went well mom. i knew they would, you were in charge! haha i wish i could have been there for Grandma and Grandpa, but i am happy they had so many loving family members there in support of them. they deserve it! it sounds like a beautiful occasion! i hope they felt lots of love. they do so much for so many and 50 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment. 

as for me, this week was good. we had our District Conference and we had Elder Meim, an Area Seventy, speak to us! it was awesome! he was great. this year, all missionaries have been invited to the adult saturday sessions of conference because we were involved! the topic is all about member missionary work and they had the missionaries up front doing role-plays to help teach the members how to invite friends and family members to church! it was so scary! i had to speak tagalog in front of the mission president and the area seventy! they also asked me to share my testimony, also in tagalog.  kill meee! it was fun though. Elder Meim was really powerful and really came down hard on members being involved in the work. i hope the message got through to them. we need referrals! all finding and contacting so far has been done on our own. referrals are much more effective. so i hope we see some progress this next year.  my tagalog is coming along a lot better now. i am starting to understand and speak without so much thought. it is nice. i still have SO much to learn. but there is hope for me and i feel better about the language!  maybe it's not the language of the devil after all, haha!

micheal is still struggling. his son is okay, but he opened up to us about his real problems. he and his wife are having marriage issues and she is no longer supportive of his religious choices. he wants to seperate but is too worried about his children growing up as members of the Iglesia religion. Plus, divorce is illegal here. so they can't officially split, only live away from each other. it's hard. but he has faith still. we need the branch to send home teachers there NOW! we have been asking for weeks, and nobody has gone. hopefully we can get the priesthood in there to support him soon.

sister cristy is still fighting. it is hard to overcome such challenging trials. but, i have faith in her. we fasted twice this last week for her! i really hope she feels our love and all the prayers in her behalf! her baptism is scheduled for Dec 28th. pray that she can be baptized, she is working so hard! 
we are teaching more investigators and we are busy.  i have planned another FHE tonight at the home of some less active members.  we will teach a lesson and then I am going to have the whole filipino family learn how to make s'mores.  they will love them, i know it.  who knew s'more would be so popular and so strange to those in a foreign country?  i think i need to begin sharing the art of pancakes and peanut butter cookies as well.

transfers are this week. i am so antsy about it. i don't wanna leave yet! i am not ready to leave this area and these people! :( i love it here so much. ugghhh. i have no idea what will happen. blehh. i don't like transferring every six weeks. haha

mom, i got two more packages, totalling three from you. yay! and one from grandma. but, i had to send them all back with President Martino to Tarlac to sit in the office until after transfers. i promised i wouldn't open them and they are too big to pack. haha are you proud of me?! i didn't even open one. (: so i will get them again after transfers and in time for Christmas.

that is all really. i am happy, healthy, and loving the field. it has some really hard moments, and sometimes i wish i was better at helping people solve their problems. but i can feel the power of the atonement, and i hope that my simple testimony of the Savior's love is enough to help them. i love them all so much. there is so much unhappiness in the world and so many suffer great afflictions.  the atonement and love of the savior can heal so many.  when they have faith and allow themselves to be healed, it truly changes their lives.  i am grateful that i have the opportunity to share my love and a message of hope with them.  the gospel works miracles in the lives of so many.  it really does bring happiness and light to those living in darkness.

can you believe it is December? it doesn't feel like December here. i am still hot and sweaty all the time. the sun definetly shines brighter in the Philippines!

have a good week! i love you all. (:

sister thomas

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Chris said...

What an amazing missionary! I really love that she is working with what she has and realizes something as "small and simple" as a s'more can work to help people come unto Christ.