December 16, 2013

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #20


kumusta kayo lahat? masay ako, kaci mison yero ako. (: I LOVE IT HERE.

i have to tell you, that i am so happy. i don't know what has changed (other than I actually feel healthy), but it's like all of a sudden i love the work. i love my job. i love the schedule. i love working hard. i love finding new people. i love it. haha like i said, i am not sure what has happened with me.... but i feel myself changing. things that i used to hate, or struggle with, are becoming fun and enjoyable. normally i would have taken this job of opening an area and been a stress-case, but i am learning, with the help of my companion, how to look at everything as an adventure. it makes everyday way more exciting. plus, we pray all day long and so we totally have the companionship of the Holy Ghost all the time. it makes our lessons powerful, and makes a huge difference. i love that feeling.

my best story this week! we were teaching a girl, July Anne. she is adorable. she is 22 years old. she is dating a member from our ward. (although they live together, so that presents a challenge.) she is the sweetest thing i have ever met. we taught her yesterday, we taught her the Plan of Salvation. i always get a little nervous about that lesson because it has a really hard vocabulary, and it can be super complicated. it's hard for me to teach because my vocab is limited and i worry that they wont understand. regardless of my nerves, the lesson must go on. i led the lesson and started with Pre-Earth Life, the Creation, and The Fall (HARD vocab OKAY!!!) then got into Life on Earth, which ties into the Atonement. I felt prompted to share about my family, and some trials that we have experienced. I shared some of  Hannah's struggles (i hope that's okay... the spirit told me to...) i shared my testimony of the atonement and that i know he can heal everything and anything. we have hope because of Christ. she began to cry as i shared hannah's experiences. she then shared with me that she has dealt her whole life with the same feelings, except she can't afford medicine or help. she has no options to help her, until now. she had no idea that Jesus Christ could help her with that and the Atonement has the power to render her comfort. i testified that he can help her with everything. the Spirit was so powerful and i could see in her eyes that the Spirit was speaking to her. it was amazing. we all cried. she is on date for baptism. i am so excited for her. just pray for us, as our next lesson will attack the Law of Chastity (remember, they aren't married)...... tell hannah that her example of strength and her faith influenced one of my investigators and that she is doing great missionary work in the philippines!

that is my best story for the week. amazing things are happening here though. we are truly seeing miracles. together, we are experiencing some of the greatest moments ever! we reflect on them every night during planning together, and we are always just blown away. this is the Lord's work and to that i can powerfully testify.

later tonight i have planned a "mini-mtc" activity with all of the ward missionaries. it's at our house! i am baking brownies, hot dogs, and the Elders in our ward are bringing chips and drinks. both companionships are teaching different principles, and we are gonna have role plays and stuff. i am super excited. and it's been fun to plan stuff again. haha i secretly enjoy that.

i am so excited to see all of your faces in another week! (: tomorrow we have our big Christmas Conference. naturally, our ZL's wanted to do an awesome funny christmas song production, so guess who got put in charge of it? yeah. we just finished our practice. there is nothing better than watching the filipino elders swing their hips while singing "walking in a winter wonderland." it's extremely awesome. i will get someone to film it. hahaha everyone is being a good sport and getting into it. so it will be a lot of fun! i am excited.

i pray for you all everyday, all day. every time i am on my knees i ask my Father in Heaven to bless my family. individually and as a whole unit. i hope you feel my small, insignificant prayers. i love you all.

enjoy the snow and the holiday season! christmas is the greatest time of the year. (:

mahal ko kayo lahat!

-sister thomas

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