December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

hello family!

merry christmas. (:

so, i feel like the lamest sister because i didn't send anything home for christmas...... shipping/packaging costs a million dollars and then transfers were at the worst time. sorry. i love you though. (:

i can't wait to talk to you! i am SO excited! i have exchanges that day, so you will actually be speaking with the STL instead of my companion. but, that's okay. (:
i will be at the internet shop hopefully by 9:15 AM, that is 6:15 PM in Utah. be ready! can't wait!!!

warning though, i have exactly 40 minutes to talk, and that is all. SO, we best skip all the awkward small talk and go straight to the real juicy stuff. ain't nobody got time for other stuff. deal? (:

i got all your packages mom! all 5. and packages from both grandma's. :) i am excited to open them.  sweet and merry christmas!  my companion almost cried when she got the package marked for her. she was so full of gratitude just to have a small box underneath the tree! she wishes she could thank you in person, but i just told her an email would suffice. things with us are great. we work well together.  my companion loves to work hard and stay busy.  i love that because i do to.  i notice though that i tend to get a bit impatient at times with some of our investigators. fortunately, she is filipino and helps me better understand these lovely people.  she is very tender hearted and is always just trying to help me. i feel greatly blessed. i need to be more like her.

the work is good. we had some of our investigators and less actives show up to church on sunday! it was incredible. (: we were so happy. and they all loved the christmas program. this is seriously the best time of the year to be a missionary. everyone wants to hear about the Savior and these "glad tidings of great joy!" how blessed i feel to be here.

it is amazing to me that no matter where you go, Christmas is universal. everyone can feel the spirit of the season. here, the town is flooded with lights. like FLOODED. mom, you would just die. hahaha but it's awesome. there is Christmas music EVERYWHERE. they blast it from every business, home, tricycle, everything! and they all keep asking me about snow. it is such a foreign thing to them.  haha they want to see snow so bad!  send me pictures so i can at least show them snow. 

christmas zone conference was awesome, of course. the Spirit was so strong. my testimony of the birth of our Savior just burns stronger.  i saw a lot of MTC batch mates. it was fun to converse and catch up.  they all are great missionaries.  sister martino brought in some fake snow, and we all threw it in the air and played in it.  it was a white christmas in the philippines! the filipinos loved it. haha it was awesome.

sister july anne accepted the teachings of the law of chastity this week.  WOW!  i was a bit nervous about teaching it as she isn't married.  but she felt the Spirit of the lesson and the love of the Lord.  she doesn't know what to do yet, but she is working on it. after our lesson, i asked her how she was feeling. all she said was
"gusto mo pagbibinyag." or "i want to be baptized."  it was amazing! she had tears in her eyes! and we all smiled and committed her to pray for guidance on what to do about her situation. i know she will progress. i know she will be baptized! pray for her to recieve the answers she is seeking!

you all look wonderful in the temple square pictures. everyone here says i have the most beautiful family. i have to agree. i love you all so much. i pray for you ALL the time.  i love my mommy and daddy. thank you for raising me in the gospel and for loving me so much.

i can't express the love i have in my heart for these beautiful people. i even love the filipinos that i haven't even met! i feel like my insides are going to explode.  they are so humble, kind, and happy.

don't worry mom, we have dinner appointments EVERY single night this week, starting tonight. haha on Christmas we are getting fed three times. i am being well taken care of. (: don't worry.

mahal kita! love you.
merry christmas.  let the love of the Savior fill your hearts!

talk to you soon.

sister thomas
My companion and I playing in the snow!

More fun playing in the snow!

Snowing in the Philippines!  No better way to celebrate Christmas as a missionary than with a snow storm!

Sister Martino brought the snow!  

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