March 3, 2014

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #31

Dear Family,

Well. Big week. Transfers happened. Sister Kaufusi was transferred to a new area and what happened to me? I stepped up to a trainer. Hahaha, I am officially a "nanay" and I have my first "anak!" (nanay means mom and anak means child.) I will be honest, I was pretty surprised, I wasn't expecting this yet.  I was also scared. Ha! I was such a horrible trainee, I didn't feel capable of training a new missionary! At the trainer/trainee meeting, President Martino said, "this is the most important calling in the mission. Not everyone is called to be a trainer.  You have been through rough times out here, the Lord was preparing you for this. Do not take this lightly."  Okay, so after his instruction, I will not take it lightly.  I will do the best I can.  If that didn't put pressure on me, I don't know what could. Haha! But, it is good. I am actually really enjoying this. My anak's name is Sister Peralta. She is 23 and also from Pagasinan! Her home is only hours away.....lang! She is the sweetest and most humble person I have ever met. How happy I am to be with her. She has had some real struggles the past few days...she is really HOMESICK. Like major homesick.  She has lived at home her whole life, she left her family for the first time to serve a mission and she left a fiance with a shiny ring behind. She has spent every day in tears and everyday interviewing with President Martino. He has really encouraged her to stay. I too, continue to give her all the encouragement I can.  I remember feeling that way.  Pray for her.  She made the right decision to serve a mission.  We had a zone activity earlier today and she had another interview with President Martiono, she seems to be feeling better now. I really hope she stays because she is already an amazing missionary. I have never prayed harder for a companion my whole mission. Pray that she will find the strength to overcome the homesickness and the desire to serve the Lord as a missionary!!

I struggled when I found out Sister Kaufusi was being transferred.  It was hard to say goodbye to her. I hope we meet up again somehow. I LOVE THAT GIRL! The members were sad to see her leave as well. But, she will rock her next area. I am proud of her and I know she will bring joy and laughter to her new area and to her new companion.

I am happy to report that this past week has been a week full of miracles.  This weekend was fast Sunday, so we fasted for our investigators to be able to come to church. Guess what?  Not only did our three march baptisms, including Brother Ocampo show up at church, but the Lord blessed us with TWO new investigators at church as well! Plus all of the men we are teaching who are our "less active returns" were also at church. All of them! SO many members also came and on time! Our attendance was higher this week than this ward has had in months! 171 were in attendance! I couldn't believe it. They actually had to open the overflow! The bishop was excited.  Then all the less active members we have been working with wanted to bear their testimonies. It was a powerful meeting and I couldn't help but tear up a bit. It was a beautiful blessing. A true miracle!  I am grateful for the privilege of seeing all of these beautiful people dressed in the best clothes that they have, for the Lord. This was nothing that I did, but my testimony of fasting has definitely increased. I was so thankful for that blessing! All three of our investigators are on board for baptism this month with two more progressing quickly. I am really excited! (:

Other than that, not much to report. I love my new anak, however, it is kind of stressful having to do everything, teach every lesson, and worry about training this new missionary. She is awesome. I am learning patience and how to be humble from her.  She has a peacefulness about her.

I am happy to hear everyone is happy at home and doing well.  I love seeing your faces in pictures. It makes everything in me smile!

I love you all so much! This work is amazing. Keep doing all you can to move it forward. I couldn't be blessed with a better family. I am working so hard, like I said, this trainer thing is pushing me harder than ever before!  All is well!

Mahal Kita!

-Sister Thomas

My New Greenie Anak Sister Peralta!

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