June 9, 2014

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #44

Dear Family,
Hello.  It's me. Still alive and still breathing after another week here in Mabalacat. I am happy to report that things are looking a bit more positive this week. Me and my comp have started to come together a little bit more. I have realized that if we do things HER way, as long as it is obedient, she is happy. I guess we found our compromise.  I hold my tongue ALOT. But, I am learning patience and love. I have been praying to be able to love her the way God does and let me tell you, I STINKING LOVE HER OKAY?! Hahaha! Nahh. It isn't that bad and I am learning a lot.  She smiles at times and I think we are learning to have fun together and don't worry daddy, my face is untouched and the threats to beat me up have now stopped. (: Progress!

As for the work, things are still progressing.  We are finding many teach and there are some less-active members we are effectively teaching.  Our two baptisms for this month, Caterine and Rancy, are still a go. They are both amazing women. I am SO excited for them. I know that Caterine's baptism will open the way for her husband to accept the Gospel as well.  He is supportive and he will listen when we teach her.  I pray for him to be touched and accept the gospel someday. Rancy, she is amazing too. Actually she has an interesting story. She is only 24, but a few years ago she met an American that was living here for work. They dated. He was actually a member, but very much a less-active member. His whole family is from Utah. Small world? Anyways, they ended up having a baby who is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The Dad decided he wanted his child to grow up in the church and so he invited the missionary to teach him and she started taking missionary discussions too. However, a few weeks later, the American dad, Rancy's boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident here in Angeles. Rancy was  22 years old and a single mom after  his death. Luckily, she has alot of support from his family in America. They are now working on getting the baby to America so she can grow up in the church and have more educational opportunities. Rancy wants to go too, but it is hard to obtain a visa. We found her name in our area book and felt prompted to seek her out.  When we did, she welcomed us with open arms.  She wants to be baptized and be a good example to her daughter. Her plan is to eventually move to.....UTAH!!! I am bursting with happiness. Hahahaha. I would be able to visit her all the time!  I told her when she gets to Utah we will be friends and she can visit our home and everything.  I told her when she finds another man to marry in the temple, I will be there. (:  She is great and I'm grateful to have met her.

It truly amazes me what the Lord can do for those who are willing to come unto to Him. I was reading in Alma earlier this week and the stories about how all the Lamanites became converted to the Gospel are amazing. It amazes me the change of heart that they had and the experiences they went through, but how joyous the occasion was both on earth and in heaven when they accepted the gospel of Christ. I can only imagine how excited and happy Heavenly Father was to see thousands of his lost children return. I noticed a phrase in there that I really liked. It says how "they laid down their weapons of rebellion" and i thought, what are my weapons of rebellion? What do I do that pulls me away from my God? I have thought a lot about that and I know that if we are willing to accept our weaknessess and truly strive to overcome them, He will change us. We will become new and shiny. It is an amazing promise that the Lord has given us. How blessed we are to know that we can change and we can lay down our weapons of rebellion and become more Christlike.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is beautiful. 

I am really grateful for all the people here, they teach me everyday.  I love those we are teaching with all of my heart.  I love this ward. I love the bishop and yes, I even love my companion.  I am surrounded by great people.

Friday was an amazing day! Sister Ponitini and I were able to attend the temple and witness three families from our ward be endowed and sealed for eternity. It has been a long time since I have been to the temple, so I was so excited for the opportunity to go. We went with the ward members and it the best experience ever! Those families were so happy to finally recieve the blessings of the temple and be sealed for eternity! They all looked so beautiful in white!!  Of course, I was full of tears as were most of the ward members.  I love the temple and I am so beyond happy for these families now. (:  The blessings of the temple are real.

This week has been great. I feel blessed to have this calling and to be a missionary in this beautiful country.

I love you all so much! You are all in my prayers and thoughts always. Be good.

With love,

Sister Thomas

At the temple!  Amazing members finally receiving endowments and being sealed!

Greatest family ever!

Members of the ward traveled to the temple together in a van!

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