June 23, 2014

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #46

Hi Family!

It's me. here, writing for another week. I can't believe my year mark came and went so quickly. It was like, just another day. Other than the fact that I cried a little thinking about everything that has happened in just one year. I think back to the excited girl who jumped on an airplane with absolutely no idea of what was in store as a sister in the Philippines. This year has been the wildest, most meaningful year of my life. I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father unlike anything I knew before. I never realized just how close we can be to Him. Even though He is levels above us in every way, He is right there. Right beside us, with our Savior. The love that Heavenly Father has for each of us amazes, fascinates, and inspires me.  The gospel is true.  I have seen the Lord work miracles in the lives or ordinary people.  He is aware of each of us and wants our happiness.  I will never regret the decision to serve a mission. I think it has done more good for me than for anyone else. Besides, I love my Filipino brothers and sisters with all  of my heart.  My mission has enabled me to share what I know to be true with each of them.  This week was good. We had our last transfers with President Martino. President Martino spoke with me and my companion will not be made a senior companion and so she and I will be staying together. I will be killing her. Yes, I was a little bit uhhhhhhh maybe, surprised at first (and a little frustrated), but I have come to see that the Lord puts people and events in our life for a reason. Things are getting better and I am learning a lot about patience and humility.  I have seen how my prayers are answered.  When I pray to love and understand her the way our Heavenly Father does, my heart changes.  I am learning a lot.  Besides, she finishes her mission in August and I just love this area!  I can do hard things!  Hahaha! 

We had a baptism this week! (: Sister Rancy Delapena was baptized on Saturday.  It was a beautiful event. This ward is so supportive and functions properly, so the WML helped us take care of everything! It was amazing and went off without a hitch. There were decorations, speakers, members in attendance, a musical number, and refreshments! I couldn't believe it! Haha! Rancy looked absolutely beautiful in white. When she bore her testimony, she cried. She testified of her gratitude for the remission of sins. Then she thanked me and Sister Ponitini for helping her change her life. I couldn't hold the tears back!  I am a cry baby.  It was a beautiful occasion and really energized me for another month! 

Sister Caterine will be going down to city hall today to try and get her marriage certificate finalized so she can be baptized on the 28th. Pray for her! We need a miracle here. 

I really love this area. The members are so kind, loving, and interested in the work. I am learning a lot from them. As challenging as some days can be, I find peace in the fact that there are people here on earth, and on the other side, cheering me on. I can feel it. Thank you for all your prayers and support. I love you all so much. 

I am hoping you are all happy right now. If not, SMILE! Right now! If there is one thing I have learned lately, it's that a negative attitude does nothing but make us grouchy. It doesn't make bad or hard things go away. Infact, it only makes those things worse.  So smile and laugh! 

With that, Bowen, quit being bored, just enjoy summer! Hannah, love yourself the way your Father does, let His love for you fill your heart and bring you comfort and joy and Courtney, don't worry...this too shall pass. (:  Soon you will be a grown up with a degree and still working two jobs and you know, hahahaha!  I love you three!

And mom and dad, I love you both!

Have a good week!  Smile!

-Sister Thomas

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