September 22, 2014

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #59

Dear Family,

I wish I had more to report this week, but not a whole lot happened. It has been very uneventful.  Hahaha! Last Monday we were in the middle of eating at the Yu house when Sister Sitagata called us in a panic because her companion was missing, Yes...MISSING! So we had to up and leave and trike ourselves over there in a hurry. It was so funny. It was dark outside and there were no trikes in sight. So I got outside and stood in the middle of the road and yelled "TRIKE, WILLING TO PAY A LOT" as loud as I could. BAM!  Just like that, four trikes were there within 5 seconds. Hahahahaha...ooh, trike drivers!

Anyways, we got to Sister Sitagata and she still had no idea where her companion was. I am not sure how they got seperated, something about her companion having a freak out about the area and about going home in a week, etc.  Nonetheless, it was night and they were in an area without street lights. We had the ZL's on one phone and the mission president on the other. OH THE DRAMA!  The three of us looked everywhere. We couldn't find her. Finally, I felt like we should go back to our house so we went back and there was Sister Jipus, crouched on the front porch by herself, bawling. It was sad. Thankfully, everything was okay and we worked it out.

On Tuesday, my companion woke up with serious back pain. She couldn't move. We were stuck at home for two days, no work, and then on Thursday Sister Clark finally sent us to the hospital. We spent a whopping 6 hours there (medical care is not the best) and they came back with absolutely nothing. The doctor just prescribed a real big pain killer, which actually hasn't worked much.

On Friday, finally, we went out to work but had to go home by 6:30 as Typhoon Mario was headed our way. Typhoon Mario wiped out Manila and Quezon cities. All the missionaries in those missions were evacuated. We spent another night sitting at home and hearing the storm rage. The rain poured and poured and the winds were fierce.  By Saturday morning things were as calm as a summer's morning. Hahaha this place is weird and I am not even the least bit frightened anymore by the winds and the rain and the storms.  I think I have been here too long!

That was pretty much my week. I am hoping we are able to work this week.  We have so many people we were teaching that we have not been able to make contact with for a few weeks due to the storms.  We need to get them back on track. There are transfers this week. I am feeling really nervous.  I don't know what to think.  I really don't want to transfer. I love this area and I have such a great companion.  However, I know I need to go where the Lord needs me. I don't feel like my work is done in Mabalacat but I know that the Lord sends his missionaries exactly to the areas that he needs them, when he needs them there.  Mabalacat has been a huge blessing for me. I feel like I was sent to this area as a help to me more than to help others. I love these people so much and I will never be able to forget the memories I have made here.  We have had great success and have taught some of the most amazing people.

It is strange to think that I only have 12 more weeks left. How did that happen? I honestly feel like i just got here. Looking back though, I am so grateful. This has been the greatest, hardest, most challenging, gruesome, tiresome, peaceful, joyful, and inspirational experience of my whole life. None of the other achievements I have had in my life can compare to this.

I am finally getting good at this whole missionary thing, I don't feel like I have enough time to finish everything I need to finish.  As a missionary, I know I am doing exactly what my Father wants me to be doing. I never really followed His counsel like this before. But He always, somehow, blessed me with a good life. Now, I know what I need to do. I just pray I will have the same courage as Bowen, the tenacity as Courtney, and the strength of Hannah to keep going even after this is all over. I am now bold and I do not hesitate to talk to anyone about the gospel.  THE CHURCH IS TRUE!  I am so excited to share that with EVERYONE!  I want to always be that excited about sharing my testimony.

Everyone is doing well here. The typhoon left it's mark but we are cleaning up and everyone is so resilient.  They just pick up and move forward.  The Yu family is well on their way. I love them. They feel like home to me. We are going over to their home tonight to share a lesson for FHE. Hurrah! (:  This is the best work ever!

Love you all!

-Sister Thomas

Hangin' with the Yu Family!!
They are so awesome!!

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