November 3, 2014

Life As A Real Missionary...Part #65

Hello Hello Hello and Happy Halloween!

I am happy to hear there was just another uneventful week back home (yeah, right!). Haha, I sometimes worry one of you will do something really dumb right before I get home and injure yourself or something. Please don't do that to me now!

This week was good! We are still in the rainy season and just moving into the nice, dryer and HOTTER part of the year.  So there is lots of rain still but also heat. One second it's deathly hot and the next it's pouring rain. I can't keep up!! So, unfortunately, I came down with a nice case of strep throat. YESSS...strep is my best friend!  Hahaha!  BUT don't worry, the work went on. As in the words of Joseph Smith, "the standard of truth has been erected..... infections may rage, germs may combine, and anti-biotics may assemble.... but the truth of God will go forth!"   Oh wait, I am pretty sure it goes SOMETHING like that, no? oh well...hahahaha!

Anyways, I am feeling better now. I bought myself a real expensive medicine that killed the germs. Yeah, germ free again!  Stupid strep!

We have spent the week dropping people. Ugh, I am not kidding.  I hate dropping people.   I feel like the Lord is really sifting through people right now and sending us on a journey to find His "elect." On the bright side, we are teaching a FAMILY right now. So excited! Allen Pilar is a less active members of a few years..... he was baptized as a young guy and was so excited to serve his mission. But then something happened (not sure what) and his application to serve was denied.  Too bad and weird. But afterwards he went less active because he was hurt and then a few years after that he really dropped off the radar. He married and had 5 kids. Then through a series of bad events, he ended up in jail for an accident involving his brother-in-law, alcohol, and a big knife. Not so good! He and his wife, who is working abroad, are seperated now and all the kids live here with him.

Anyway, he has now returned to Church and is working things out. He is awesome!  It is amazing to see him now! We are teaching his three oldest kids. Cindy, Angie, Chris J. they are getting baptized together on November 22! The youngest is 8, so the Branch President wants to baptize him with his siblings on that day as well!  LOL! I am so excited for this family. They are all really great kids. They love the branch and they love attending church.  They read and study and are always prepared for our lessons.

We didn't get to meet with Dallin H. Oaks. He got called away to a different assignment in another mission in the Philippines, but we were privileged to hear from Bishop Causse, of the Presiding Bishopric. It was awesome! He gave an amazing talk on planning and using our time to fulfill our purpose. It made me really think "am I using every moment to the fullest here?"   "What more do I need to do?" I have been careful to take more time in planning and we have tried to make it more meaningful. It is really changing things and we are able to be more successful in our work. I am grateful for the nice reminder and for the spirit that was felt when he spoke to us.

We did hear from Dallin H. Oaks last night, however, through a broadcast. He spoke to the entire Philippines. It was amazing of course. I had no idea he used to be the area president here. He re-quoted himself alot from a talk he gave ten years ago as the area president. He talked alot about this culture and "the gospel culture." He reminded us that there are things about EVERY culture that needs to change to become aligned with Christ's culture. It was exactly what we needed to hear!  I really hope the people listened because his words were so inspiring. I was definitely uplifted and felt a strong spiritual boost to align our work better with Christ's pattern!

Not much else to report. It was halloween or "All Souls Day" this last weekend.  So there was not a lot of people around to teach.  We had fun though, we always do.  I always enjoy the cultural celebrations, it is fun to learn more about these beautiful people. There were lots of fun costumes and events.

I promise I am safe, happy, and healthy! I love you all so much. I can't believe it is already November. Enjoy the week!

Mahal Kita!

-Sister Thomas

FHE with the amazing Pilar family!  Fun times!

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