November 17, 2014

Life As A Real Missionary...Part#67

So much to do....

My dearest family back in Utah, 

I have heard that snow touched down in Utah this last week. Ohhh...Nooooooooo! I think I will delay my homecoming till June. Sound good? Bahaha!

I can happily report this week that things are good and we are still alive here in San Clemente. Although, I can really see how hard Satan is working on us, on our investigators, and on the entire area. Just this week alone, we were only able to work 4 days. Tuesday I was called and had to go down to Manilla for my immigration fingerprinting (weird!!!), this is done in preparation to leave the country.  Then on Wednesday Sister Secillano was feeling sick and we had to go to the doctor. She got diagnosed with a bladder infection. :/  Yucky. So we couldn't go out to work until Friday!  So frustrating.  I will admit I was a bit discouraged. I just know the Lord has a plan for this area and for those we are teaching, but Satan is doing all he can to thwart it. There is still much to do and little time to do it!

We had a miracle however, we weren't able to work very much this past week, so we were worried that the three Pilar kids wouldn't be ready for their baptismal interview which was on Saturday. But these kids are so amazing, they don't even need us! Hahaha! They had read every assignment we texted them to read and they were more than ready. Angie and Chris passed their interviews and will be baptized on Saturday!!  I am so happy for them!  (: Cindy also passed, but the DL felt she needed a little more time to work through some concerns regarding some past mistakes. But all is well and she is positive and okay with waiting another week. She will be getting baptized on the 29th! (: Hurrah!!!  These three are so amazing! I can really see how the Gospel has changed their lives and they can as well.  They expressed their gratitude for the Church, for the gospel, and for the standards they have learned from it.  They recognize the blessings they have received from their obedience.  They feel joy in their hearts.  What an amazing thing we have Thomas family, there is nothing greater, nothing better, than this amazing Gospel. We are so blessed!

The only struggle I have really had this week was in my companionship. Sister Secillano is SO nice and has a huge heart.  But, we don't always see eye to eye on some things.....with this new program we were told to go after the "elect." Find and teach those who are ready and prepared for the Gospel RIGHT NOW. We are not to forget about everyone else, but to focus much of our efforts on those whom the Lord needs right now. This has me so excited because I believe that with the Lord's help, we won't have to dig and search for those elect people, if we are worthy and ready, the Lord will bring them to us.  

Sister Secillano is a recent convert, and doesn't quite agree with me on this. She wants to teach everyone, even those who are NOT ready or who are not willing at this time to accept the gospel. She is wanting to spend time with people who aren't really interested in what we are teaching and put us in dangerous situations. There is a group of men whom we have been teaching, these men, I KNOW are interested in only one thing with us, and it is NOT the gospel. I really do not like going to teach them. I hate the feeling I have when we are there and I hate how they don't take us seriously and they make stupid jokes and try to flirt. Ughhhh! I want to drop them, I want to find those whom the Lord has prepared us to find. I feel like we are wasting time and for me, there is just no time to waste!

I can  understand her point of view regarding these men. She has told me that she was really stubborn when the missionaries were teaching her and it took her a while to change and accept things. I think she sees a part of herself in some of them. I am trying to be understanding, but arrrgggghhh! These men, I know are children of God and I know they are important, but at this time we need to be doing something so much different!  The Lord has people who are waiting and who are READY and we need to find them now! Now is their time. I just feel like we are getting distracted with people who are not yet prepared. I don't know. This situation is a struggle. She thinks I am judgemental and am not interested in the people in our area. I feel a bit discouraged. Hopefully, we can come to the same conclusion regarding these men very soon. 

I am happy to hear everyone is busy and bussling with holiday cheer! I know the Filipinos are full of the holiday celebration! (:  I am not sure how I am feeling about this mission coming to an end thing.  I am so torn with emotion, I know my season to serve is coming to an end and that there are other things or a new season I need to embrace, but I have put my heart and soul into being a missionary and I am not sure how I feel about changing that.  I love this work.  I love serving.  I love teaching the gospel.

I love you all. I wish you all the best. I pray for you every single day. 

Just be good huh?!

Sister Thomas

Meet Rochelle!  She is part of the Pilar family.  She has some special needs, but she is truly amazing and I love her!

While we were out working we found a need and jumped in and served!  Unplanned acts of 
service are the best!

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